Why Invest in a Building Automation System?

Improve efficiency, reduce waste and become more profitable with a Building Automation System

Building Automation SystemWhen your company invests in a building automation system it will run at the pinnacle of efficiency while lowering overall operation costs. Advanced Control Corporation is an industry leader that has many years of experience in helping businesses by integrating a building control system into their operation. Advanced Control offers you business enterprise solutions that connect all networks into one automated system that can easily be accessed and controlled by authorized personnel on-site or off. Our building automation products allow for the distribution and exchange of all data within and across the entire network spectrum. This creates a quick and efficient communication system for monitoring and controlling data through a single interface. A building automation system can be controlled on site or off for a single structure or multiple structures in different locations, affording your company a more effective management system.

Advanced Control works with both small companies and large corporations and our team of experts will customize a building automation system that meets your company’s precise needs regardless of size. We can assess your existing systems to discover where there is room for improvement and provide a smooth integration of the new and existing systems. We can help you take full advantage of available resources and work within your budget to achieve a more efficient building control system. These systems allow for full communication between protocols and open systems that will lower costs and increase productivity and efficiency for your company. We offer HVAC, security systems and energy management systems that implement energy conservation initiatives. Your building automation system will be a simple and seamless operation that can easily be managed by your system operators. Plus, because we keep abreast of any new technology, we continuously offer new products and systems that help companies profitable.

To have even better control of your entire structure, we recommend integrating a building security system into your building automation system. An integrated building security system will ensure that your property and occupants remain safe. By securing your IT data centers, your company will be protected from hackers breaking into, stealing and destroying all your valuable data. Other concerns that pose a risk are employee theft, tampering and break-ins. Allow us to outfit your company with a security system that provides intrusion detection, digital video surveillance and allows for access control. Other security measures that we offer are building and elevator access control, closed circuit television (CCTV) and recording solutions. CCTV enables your personnel to monitor and control all security issues in real-time from one central location. Video surveillance will reveal unusual behavior that is out of place, and the use of digital recorders will record sensitive security areas. By installing an integrated security system in your structure you are reducing risk and safe-guarding against damage and loss.

Advanced Control can design and create a security system within your budget that meets the needs of your company. Our staff and technicians are highly trained, certified and insured to meet all service, health and safety requirements. We adhere to a company policy that offers excellent customer service to our clients and our strength and reputation is built upon our relationship with you. We will assist you in building new systems, maintain existing ones and provide service and repair in a time of crisis if the need arises. We offer a variety of maintenance and service plans that can be customized to your needs and budget. We also offer the “I am service” program that is the most inclusive service plan in the industry that provides yearly service to your building automation system. The many benefits of our maintenance and service programs include repair and replacement, on-line support, scheduled inspections, operational support, client on-site training, systems application support, escalated response time to emergency service and much more.

You can improve the efficiency and security of your business with a building automation system.  Contact Advanced Control Corporation today at 954-491-6660.