Building Illumination Control System

Lower costs and increase security with a building illumination control system

Building Illumination Control SystemMany property owners and managers are concerned with the toll their structure’s extensive energy use is taking on the environment around them. Today, many businesses are implementing energy-efficient systems and tools to make their facilities use less energy, water, electric, gas, etc. One way business and property owners are achieving this is through building automation systems and building illumination control systems. On average, lighting fees represent almost 40 % of a commercial building’s overall annual costs. By upgrading and improving the efficiency of a structure’s lighting system, a substantial part of your energy efficiency plan has been taken care of. In addition to lowering your annual costs, when you have a building illumination control system properly installed, you can also see up to a 25 % reduction in energy usage.

At Advanced Control Corporation, we have successfully implemented countless building illumination control systems in businesses and structures throughout South Florida, helping to achieve lowered costs, increase energy-efficiency and improve the appeal and appearance of each facility. No matter the type of facility or its size, our skilled team representatives can help you customize and design an ideal lighting control system for your needs and budget. Our systems have a wide range of options from basic control systems which are managed through a building automation system to our fully automatic illumination control system that are comprised of each lighting circuit within your structure. Because of our customization capabilities and wide variety of systems, a building illumination control system can be implemented in both new construction projects and existing structures and lighting circuits.

For owners and managers who are seeking energy efficiency, lowered costs and an additional ways to protect property assets, a stand-alone lighting control system is an affordable physical security defense solution. As daylight begins to decrease, light levels sensors turn on lights, illuminating your specifically chosen areas in order to deter intruders or those with ill-intentions.  A combination of motion sensors and light level sensors help detect if an object or individual has entered a specific area, triggering lights immediately with the goal of chasing off uninvited guests. Because these stand-alone systems have a low installation price and minimal ongoing operational costs, it is a popular and effective loss prevention measure for owners and managers on a strict budget.

A variety of enhanced lighting control system options and fully automatic systems are available for larger commercial and industrial buildings. In addition, our Advanced Control team can implement an alarm notification service that will inform you immediately if any alarm condition via your building automation system has been triggered.

Isn’t it time you experienced lowered energy costs, increased efficiency of your structure and improved security? You can achieve all of this through building illumination control systems and building automation systems from Advanced Control. Speak with someone today to learn about all of our solutions for lighting, security, temperature control, access control and more. A representative can visit your physical location to better determine which systems would satisfy your needs, building type and budget.

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