Green Building Companies

Green building companies can help your property achieve long term sustainability and lower annual costs

Green Building CompaniesIn today’s world, many business owners and property managers are moving towards solutions that can help make their building a “green” structure. These structures are known for optimal efficiency with little waste of energy, gas, electric, water, etc. Many times, implementing certain solutions can help a structure become certified as a green building. And, with Advanced Control having built a reputation as one of the leading green building companies in Florida, transforming your structure is easy and affordable.

If the idea of upgrading your building intrigues you, examining the long list of benefits may help you make your final decision. Achieving “green status” and increasing the sustainability of your property can be achieved by the implementation of a BAS, or Building Automation System. A BAS can help improve:

  • The efficiency of your structure and its systems overall,
  • Lower annual maintenance and operational costs,
  • Improve air quality,
  • Upgrade security and life systems features, and
  • Increase the comfort and possibly the productivity of your occupants

How Does a Building Automation System Work?

 Through a series of sensors and intricate networks, a Building Automation System can control all of the systems within your property such as HVAC, heating, cooling, lighting, temperature, air quality, life systems, security, CCTV and more. By having better monitoring, scheduling, and archiving capabilities, your property’s systems will become more effective and efficient over time. For many properties, jut the simple act of scheduling systems around peak times or when the building is/is not occupied can translate into substantial annual savings. For instance, scheduling alone averages a 30 percent energy cost savings annually for most structures once a BAS is installed.

By also controlling and scheduling systems such as HVAC, security and lighting, many business owners see a decrease in maintenance and operations costs. Typical savings average around 15 percent in annual costs, which can translate to a per square foot savings of up to $.40. Another popular feature of a BAS is the ability to better control air quality, humidity and temperature, three areas that are critical for the safety and comfort of occupants. Studies show the more comfortable a building occupant is, the more productive they may be. With sensors monitoring all of these areas plus other vital air pollutants, CO2 and CO levels, you and your personnel team can rest assured that proper ventilation and air circulation is occurring. Your BAS will also control life systems and the redirection of smoke in the event of a fire. By redirecting breathable air through the use of dampers and valves, building occupants can safely exit the building.

Since 1987, Advanced Control has been a leader in the green building revolution. We have successfully partnered with countless companies who are seeking to lower overall costs, improve efficiency and sustainability of their systems, and upgrade their property into a “green” structure. Let us provide you with a complimentary evaluation of your current structure and its efficiency level. Our detailed analysis can help you better decide which interior or exterior systems are experiencing inefficiencies or improper function, in addition to informing you about other ways you can transform your property into a more intelligent building.

Contact Advanced Control today at 954-491-6660 and allow us to help you take your building a new level and achieve green status through the use of a Building Automation System.