Energy Efficient Buildings

Reduce operating expenses through the installation of an energy efficient buildings management system

Energy Efficient BuildingsIf you are a building owner or property manager who is seeking to make your structure  both financially and environmentally greener, installing a Building Management System may be the ideal solution for you. Energy efficient buildings not only reduce annual operating and utility costs, but they also increase the life and sustainability of the individual systems within your building. Advanced Control Corporation has helped thousands of clients throughout Florida implement a Building Management System or BMS in order to transform their structure into an intelligent building that operates at maximum efficiency and lowest cost.

Your newly installed BMS will help you monitor, control, schedule and archive data for some of the largest energy consuming systems in your property such as HVAC, ventilation, air-conditioning, heating, lighting and more. By having better control over these systems, efficiency improves, less energy is wasted, the life of the system can be extended and the cost to run the system may decrease. In addition, having real time data of the efficiency of each system, plus archives of how the system is functioning over a period of time, can help you track how your Building Management System is improving your structure.

Energy efficient buildings save energy is a variety of ways. Once a BMS is put into place, simple changes such as scheduling room temperature based on time of day, occupancy and usage patterns can result in overall energy savings of up to 30 percent. Adding systems that shutdown or idle office equipment, computers, vending machines, etc. during nonworking hours can also accumulate to substantial savings – as much as $300 annually per piece of equipment. Lighting is another major building system that can be controlled by a BMS.  Scheduling lights to shut off during non peak hours or when a specific floor or area is not occupied can help building owners and managers reap cost saving rewards. Last, recent studies and surveys show the installation of a Building Management System can lower a property’s annual utility and operating costs by as much as 15 percent, or up to $. 40 per square foot.

If it is time to update your current Building Management System or install a system in order to make your structure as energy efficient as possible, speak to a member of our skilled team today. We have successfully partnered with clients who are seeking to upgrade a single structure or dozens of locations. Depending on your budget, specific structure needs, and age of current system equipment, our team will design an energy efficient building management system that will help you decrease costs and potentially become certified as a green structure.

Isn’t time you and your management personnel had improved access to every system in and around your property? With onsite and remote monitoring and scheduling capabilities, controlling your entire structure at all times is simple and quick.

Contact Advanced Control today at 954-491-6660 and learn how having a more energy efficient building is just a phone call away. A greener structure that offers decreased operating costs awaits!