CCTV Surveillance Systems

Improve building security with CCTV Surveillance Systems from Advanced

CCTV Surveillance SystemsMost business and property owners understand that the security of their building, its occupants, data and equipment is crucial to running a business, helping people feel safe, and for protecting important business data. With safety being on the minds of many in today’s world, how would you rate your company’s level of security? Are your property’s security features up-to-date and able to deal with multiple levels of security protocols? Can your property’s current security options keep occupants safe if a situation unfolded? At Advanced Control, we have worked with thousands of businesses throughout Florida, helping them strengthen their property’s current security systems and reduce the risk of theft, liability issues and more with CCTV surveillance systems. We understand each client has unique needs and a specific budget, and we enjoy designing an ideal security plan to meet these requirements.

With our wide-range of affordable and high-tech CCTV solutions, improving the safety of your property and its occupants is easy. First, one of our experienced team members can analyze your property’s current commercial building security plan and evaluate which aspects need upgrading or a redesign. Our goal is to help you determine the most vulnerable spots in and around your property and help you strengthen these areas. When you partner with us, you will learn more about which CCTV security solutions would work best for your property, whether it be digital recording solutions, CCTV surveillance equipment, etc. Upon selection, our team will work directly with you and your security team to implement your chosen CCTV security selections.

Curious which CCTV surveillance systems might work for your property? Here are a few of our most popular options:

  1. Pan/Tilt/Zoom Cameras – These cameras are ideal for interior or exterior areas that need close monitoring. Features on this type of camera include the ability to see from side to side/up and down, in addition to having extreme zooming capabilities. This type of camera is the best choice when needing to eliminate blind spots from area such as parking garages or lots, or spaces inside your property.
  2. Thermal Imaging Cameras – Do you have areas inside or outside of your property that need to be controlled and monitored but aren’t accessible due to safety reasons? If so, thermal-imaging cameras may be the right answer. This equipment detects the slightest change in temperature, keeping you aware at all times if an area is experiencing trouble.
  3. Fixed Cameras – These types of cameras are typically mounted on walls and ceilings and offer a large, clear sectional views of foyers, hallways, garage and parking areas.
  4. License Plate Capture Cameras – Using optical character recognition to read and capture license plate numbers, you and your security team can increase security by having a record of every vehicle that enters your property.

In addition to various camera options, Advanced Control also offers a wide variety of CCTV recording solutions such as Network, Digital and Hybrid Video recording options. Each recording solution will help you record, display, monitor, organize and archive the data from previous footage or photography taken from your camera devices. This archived data can be helpful, especially if any legal or security issues arise, as they are legally admissible.

With wide-ranging CCTV surveillance equipment options available, now is the best time to upgrade and improve your building’s safety. Contact Advanced Control Corporation at 954-491-6660 and let us analyze your current safety plan and discuss potential upgrade solutions.