Building Management System

Improve the efficiency of your property’s systems with a Building Management System

Building Management SystemConsider the last building you entered into and all of the components involved in making that building operate properly. A wide variety of mechanisms and systems work simultaneously to make sure every building you enter into is comfortable and secure. From automatic doors, appropriate lightning, comfortable temperatures, security cameras, peak air quality and access control capabilities, building management systems have the ability to transform and upgrade any property and ensure its systems are performing at optimal levels. A Building Management System, also known as Building Automation Systems,  or BAS, are centralized networks of software and hardware components that monitor, manage and archive building data and help each building system communicate more cohesively with one another.

You may be wondering how a Building Management System can help your property. For starters, installing a BAS will increase the efficiency of each system within your building. A BAS can work seamlessly with your mechanical, electrical, plumbing, heating, ventilation, lighting, security and surveillance systems. Once your building management system is linked to each operating system in your property, you will receive data regarding the efficiency of each system, if any malfunctions are occurring, and how efficiency levels are improving over time thanks to archived data. Lighting control is one of the most popular building systems connected to a BAS. Often times, various areas of a building are lit even though there is no one occupying the area. Through scheduled and automatic lightning controls, business owners can see a dramatic decrease in costs associated with lighting. The same rings true for heating and air-conditioning. Many times, large spaces will be heated or cooled even though there is no one occupying that area, particularly at night or during the weekend. Constantly keeping these areas cooled or heated can dramatically increase your utility costs. By scheduling these systems through a BAS, property and business owners can see on average a 15 percent decrease in annual utility costs, or a savings of up to $.40 per square foot!

Controlling air quality is another benefit to installing a Building Management System. Building owners are responsible for keeping tenants and occupants safe from harmful vapors and odors while also ensuring proper air quality in both indoor and parking garage areas. Your BAS will continuously monitor levels of CO2 and NO2 within parking structures, garages, loading docks and more, while also monitoring oxygen and odor levels indoor. If any harmful levels are detected, your facilities personnel will be immediately alerted, while exhaust fans begin removing harmful air substances.

Smoke evacuation is another vital system that needs continuous monitoring and controlling. At Advanced Control, our Building Management Systems inhibit and prevent the movement of harmful smoke into exit areas and other designated safe zones through the use of fans and dampers that help control air pressure. Our top-of-the-line smoke control system can help you save lives in the event of fire and/or smoke.

There are countless safety and security reasons to install a BAS into your structure. Tenants and occupants will appreciate the peace of mind knowing they are in a safe and comfortable structure, and you as a business or property owner will appreciate the cost savings involved in addition to knowing all of your property’s systems are working at optimal levels.

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