Smoke Evacuation Systems

Increase the safety of your building with smoke evacuation systems from Advanced Control Corp.

Smoke Evacuation SystemsSmoke evacuation systems are an integral part of any business, regardless of its size. Not only can they increase the safety of your building’s occupants, but these systems can also help you maintain the integrity of your property and equipment. At Advanced Control, smoke control systems are available as part of the building automation systems we offer. Smoke evacuation systems are designed to slow down or prevent the movement of smoke into exit areas or other “safe zones” within your building. Many buildings such as high-rises, hospitals, and atrium covered shopping centers are required by state law and building fire codes to implement smoke evacuation and control systems within their structure, however businesses of any size can benefit from a smoke control system.

Over the years, smoke evacuation technology has advanced. In the past, these systems were built just to ventilate affected areas, but today they prevent smoke from spreading to other areas of the structure and can restore the originally affected area back to a safe zone. Smoke control systems can be seamlessly integrated into your building automation system and will utilize your HVAC system to redirect smoke from affected areas during a fire.

You may be wondering how smoke is managed and redirected when a fire occurs in a building. Several management methods can be applied, such as fans and dampers which can control air pressure and manipulate or move smoke to a different area. Airflow methods use fans to shutdown any airflow into unaffected areas; pressurization methods instruct a system to maintain different pressures between where the incident occurred vs. surrounding areas, and includes using doors and dampers to seal off specific zones; and exhaust methods use exhaust fans to remove smoke and passive containment measures such as fire barriers, fire doors, partitions, etc.

A common question regarding smoke evacuation is why a smoke control system is needed. For starters, these systems can extend the timeframe for building occupants to exit the structure safely. In addition, they contribute to the protection of your property and equipment, can assist emergency response workers and also play a large role in post-fire smoke removal.

While a building automation system will help you improve the effectiveness and operation of many systems in your structure, the most important aspect of these systems is the ability to protect people within your building. Our smoke evacuation systems can help save lives during fire emergencies, help maintain a clear path for occupants to exit the building and can significantly reduce the damage of property, data and equipment caused by smoke.

Offer the inhabitants of your building the safest environment possible with a building automation and smoke evacuation system from Advanced Control. We have been helping clients throughout Florida since 1987 in the areas of energy management, building automation, CCTV, smoke control, life systems integration and more.

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