Small Building Energy Management Solutions

Upgrade your small or mid-sized business with small building energy management solutions from Advanced

Small Building Energy Management SolutionsIf you are a small or mid-sized business owner who is concerned about wasting and misusing energy within your structure, your concerns are valid. Many people do not realize that even small businesses can run into problems regarding energy misuse and inefficiencies in numerous areas of their structure At Advanced Control Corp, we have helped countless small and mid-sized companies ranging from 25,000 square feet up to 100,000 square feet upgrade their property in order for it to run at optimal efficiency, thanks to a variety of small building energy management solutions.

With our building automation system options, you and your personnel team will have access to accurate measurements of real time power usage, in addition to easy to use software that allows you to schedule, monitor and control every area of your structure. Through a system of intricate networks and simple graphic interfaces, you can access each system in your building onsite or remotely through an Internet connection. Monitoring temperature, lighting, heating, air qualit, security, and HVAC is not only easier than ever before but having greater scheduling and control over each system can help you lower some of your energy costs. In fact, many business owners see a major decrease in energy costs through just the implementation of scheduling systems that control lighting and temperature. Also, in typical commercial buildings that install an energy management system, annual operating and utility costs decrease by as much as 15 percent! Imagine how this savings can be applied to other areas within your business or industrial practice.

One of our most popular small building energy management solutions is utility monitoring. From retail structures and commercial businesses to medical facilities, hospitals and medical rehabilitation developments, keeping utilities operating at optimal levels is crucial to effectively running your business. Through metering, sub-metering and utility monitoring dashboards, Advanced Control can help you eliminate wasted energy and increase the performance of your systems. These same tools can be implemented even for businesses that have more than one location, and for those spread out across the country. Imagine being able to access utility systems in remote locations with the touch of your finger. All of this and more is possible with utility monitoring tools from Advanced.

No matter which type of energy management solution you choose, all of our options are crafted to work in unison with your current operation and equipment. In addition, all of our solutions are scalable, meaning they will work with your current business structure and can grow along with your company over time.

Let our solutions improve your small or mid-sized business in terms of efficiency and connectivity, allowing all of your building’s systems to communicate and work together in an easier and more comprehensive manner. Upgrade today to transform your structure into a more intelligent building and one that is more cost effective.

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