How a Building Automation System Can Help Your Business

Learn how a building automation system can help you lower costs and increase efficiency

How a Building Automation System Can Help Your BusinessBusiness and property owners who run small, mid-sized and even large structures are always researching ways to make their property run more efficiently and at a lower cost. One way to accomplish these goals is through the installation of a Building Automation System or BAS. You may be wondering how a Building Automation System can help you? Simply put, a BAS will help you control and manage all electrical and mechanical systems within your building from one centralized location. It will also allow for a more overall cohesive and simplified management process. You and your personnel team will have instant access to systems such as temperature, lighting, HVAC, air quality, security, video surveillance and more through a graphical touch-screen interface or remotely via an Internet connection and your laptop or cell phone. This powerful system allows for scalability, simplicity and better communication between all systems within your structure. In turn you receive better efficiency, performance and lower operating costs. In fact, many companies pay an average of 15 percent less for their annual operating and utility costs.  

One area of utmost importance to many of our clients is the ability to complete accurate utility monitoring. Inefficient utilities can drastically affect the overall health of an operation. At Advanced Control, we offer our clients numerous tools that help them better monitor their utility usage. These tools can help you increase the performance of your building and lower expenses at the same time. Utility monitoring typically involves metering, sub-metering and dashboard implementation.

Metering involves energy management software that can help you monitor and manage power in one building or numerous buildings. This software will analyze and translate data, which will then be evaluated and turned into a detailed plan regarding changes that can be made and how you can begin saving money right away. Sub-metering is ideal for clients who are leasing out multiple structures and who need accurate measurements of how much energy each individual occupant is consuming. This type of system can also be used within commercial or industrial properties that need specific energy consumption measurements for individual departments within the building. All of these options can be easily read and analyzed via our utility monitoring dashboards with interactive displays and graphics. These dashboards allow you and your team to see real-time energy usage and areas that can be fine-tuned in order to reduce consumption.

Another popular energy saving solution for many of our customers is our small building energy management systems. These systems are ideal for small and mid-sized businesses that want to conserve energy and decrease energy waste. Structures and properties ranging from 25,000 to 100,000 square feet can benefit from these systems. Simple software navigation and a wide variety of programming tools help our clients eliminate waste and lower their annual energy and operational costs.

Let our energy savings solutions improve the performance and efficiency of your building. If you are interested in learning how a building automation system can help you, speak to one of our experienced and skilled representatives who can visit your physical location to learn more about your needs.

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