Access Control Systems in Miami

Improve the safety of your property, data and more with access control systems in Miami

Access Control Systems in MiamiNo matter the size of your business or facility, security it most likely one of your top concerns. Business and property owners need to ensure their building’s occupants, data and equipment are safe and secure at all times, and an access control system is one way to do this. Advanced Control Corporation has helped successfully implement countless access control systems in Miami for commercial building’s and housing properties of all sizes. An access control system does exactly what the name implies – it restricts and control access to a particular resource or area. When you install one of these systems in your building, or combine it with a building automation system, you can monitor, control and allow a specific user to a certain resource or area.  In addition to extra security, you will also get archived data in return in order to keep track of who had access to which room or resource in the past.

You may be curious if your business can benefit from an access control system. Considering some of the following questions may help you decide: Do employees have different privileges as far as resources and specific areas? Do certain floors or areas need to be restricted depending on the day or hour? Would an archive of entry data be helpful, so you can keep an account of who used which resource and when? If someone steals or loses an entrance key, could your business be threatened?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, it may be time to implement an access control system in your facility. At Advanced Control, we specialize in access control systems in South Florida and have helped a variety of businesses increase their security through the addition of one. From hospitals and senior housing units to industrial complexes, financial firms and more, access control systems offer benefits to any type of business.

For structures such as multi-housing rental properties, hospitals, condominiums and more, you most likely have certain floors and areas that should not be occupied by everyone who enters the property. Senior housing facilities and rehabilitation centers often use access control system measures to allow access to specific employees who are licensed to handle medication. Large corporations typically employ access control measures to limit access to their data areas within their property. These examples show how an access control system can benefit just about any type of facility or structure.

When you partner with us, we work alongside your company to develop an access control system that works with your specific needs and goals. Our skilled team representatives will analyze your facility to uncover any weak points and develop a plan that will not only increase your security, but will allow for different levels of access throughout the structure. Many of our clients combine an access control system with one of our building automation systems, in order to have full control over every area and system within their structure.

Contact Advanced Control Corporation today at 954-491-6660 to develop your customized access control solution. Whether you want a stand-alone access control system or one that integrates with a video surveillance system or building automation system, we will design the right system to match your needs.