Security Automation Integration

Security Automation IntegrationSecure valuable data and equipment with security automation solutions from Advanced Control.

In today’s world, safety is a top concern for business and property owners. With a large percentage of commercial buildings being public spaces such as hospitals, malls, theaters, hotels and more, securing the occupants, data and equipment within a structure is a top priority. Both visitors and occupants can freely roam in these types of public spaces, highlighting the need to maximize security and decrease the possibility for criminal activity. Luckily, implementing these security needs are easy thanks to a wide range of security automation integration solutions from Advanced Control Corporation. Our solutions range from elevator access options, comprehensive security camera and recording solutions, thermal imaging products, access control systems and more. With all of these solutions easily accessible, now is the time to increase the safety of your property.

Visitors to a public space or occupants within a structure want to feel they are safe and in good hands should a security issue arise. In fact, safety is such an important issue today that it is one of the most widely researched topics by property owners and managers of public spaces. At Advanced Control, we understand your desire to keep your structure, its occupants and its data/equipment as safe as possible. Let us partner with you and review your structure’s current safety plan and security system in order to determine if any inefficiencies are occurring and which security solutions would upgrade your property. Here are just a few of our available security automation integration solutions that can help you deliver optimal security to those in your structure:

  • Access Control – Implementing access control solutions are an imperative part of a structure’s security and safety. Many properties contain floors or specific areas that are not to be inhabited by every person within the structure. With access control cards, you can control who enters which area on the premises and will also have real-time access to a data archive detailing who used which resource at what time.
  • CCTV – CCTV, also known as Closed Circuit Television, is a technology originally created to increase bank security. Today, CCTV and recording is used in countless structures across the globe. Signals and images from cameras are transmitted to monitors in order to be reviewed by your personnel team, security manager, etc. All images and recordings are dated, archived, etc. and are admissible in a court of law should it be needed. Ask one of our knowledgeable representatives about our Thermal Imaging, License Plate Capture, Pan/Tilt/Zoom options and more!

Upgrading the security and safety in your structure can be easier and more affordable than you think. Our customizable security automation integration solutions are cost-effective and designed to work for your property’s specific safety needs. Since 1987, we have formed a solid reputation as leaders in security automation solutions and building automation systems and have successfully implemented these systems to thousands of Florida customers.

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