Building Automation System Integration

Building Automation System IntegrationRun your building more efficiently and for less with building automation system integration

Business owners and managers are always on the lookout for services and products that can help their business run smoother and for less money, all while increasing efficiency. One way many businesses have been able to do this is by taking advantage of building automation system integration options. By allowing systems to better communicate with one another in a specific location, productivity increases as well as safety and efficiency. Systems work in a more cohesive manner and business owners often see a decrease in overall operating and utility costs. In fact, in most cases, these costs can decrease by as much as 15 percent annually, allowing you to save that money or spend it in other business areas.

Our building automation solutions are built to work in unison with existing equipment and building systems, including temperature, lighting, HVAC, security systems, access control and more. With building automation system integration you and your personnel team have instant access to controlling, managing, archiving, scheduling and resetting every system on the premises. You can do this via an onsite interface or remotely via an internet connection and a laptop or cell phone.

Here is a small sampling of how a building automation system or BAS can help you:

  1. Scheduling – Lower stress and utility bills with on demand scheduling. When implementing a scheduling system for a structure’s temperature, lighting and more, owners typically see a dramatic decrease in utility costs. Imagine the space that is being lit and heated or cooled in your structure regularly but is not being used at all times. Studies show a typical building can see a savings of up to $.40 per square feet! Property owners and managers also appreciate that an area within the property can be scheduled remotely, ideal for impromptu trips to the facility during nonworking hours.
  2. Increase security – With top tier access control, elevator access and security systems all integrated into your building automation system, your building’s security can be brought to optimal levels. In addition, security issues can be categorized as low, medium, high and critical. Last, these systems keep a detailed log allowing you instant knowledge of who was accessing which area during what time.
  3. Improved comfort – With better control over air quality, temperature and lighting, many business owners report increased comfort of occupants and often times, increased productivity.

If the thought of having instant control and access to every system within your structure appeals to you, contact Advanced Control to learn more about building automation system integration. Through one main interface located onsite, an interlinked network will allow all of your systems to cohesively communicate and work at optimal levels. Going “green” and upgrading to an intelligent building has never been easier!

Learn more about Building automation system integration and how it can take your building an intelligent level today by calling Advanced Control Corporation at 954-491-6660.