Security Automation Solutions

Security_Automation_SolutionsSecurity automation solutions can improve occupant safety, secure valuable equipment

Today’s commercial buildings comprise a variety of public spaces and open environments. Occupants and visitors can enter and roam freely in many malls, hospitals, theaters and more. Though each structure offers its own benefits to society, property managers and owners are always on the lookout for ways to make the structure and those in it more secure. Security automation solutions from Advanced Control may decrease these public settings from being a target for criminal activity. With access control systems, elevator access solutions, comprehensive security camera options and more, there is no better time than the present to improve the overall safety of your property.          

It seems security is one of the most spoken about and researched topics among property owners and also the general public. People want to feel safe when they are in public spaces and are more likely to continue visiting a location if they feel it is secure. Property owner’s want to make sure their structure’s equipment, data and its occupants are also safe. When you partner with Advanced Control, we will review your property’s current safety plan and its systems to determine where any inefficiencies may be occurring and how you can upgrade your current system to deliver better security measures. Here is a quick overview of some of the solutions we recommend:

  1. Elevator Access Control: Implementing an elevator access system is a necessity if you operate and own a multi-tenant or mixed-used facility. These structure types often contain areas and floors that are not appropriate for every type of occupant. By adding this type of security automation solution, you can determine who enters which area through elevator access card, which can be programmed to work for preset floors.
  2. Access Control Solutions: Similar to elevator access solutions, access control systems are a crucial part of a building’s overall security plan. When you need to secure digital, logical or physical resources, access control systems allow or deny an occupant to have entry into a certain area or to gain access to a specific resource. These solutions also archive access data, giving you a full report on who entered which area or used a resource at a given time.
  3. CCTV – CCTV, or Closed Circuit Television, was originally created to improve bank security, but is today used in hundreds of thousands of commercial buildings throughout the world. This technology works by transmitting signals and images from a camera to monitors located in a different location. You and your security team will have instant access to all cameras located inside and outside of your structure through these monitors. In addition, many of today’s industrial structures used CCTV in areas or on floors that are not suitable for humans yet still need to be monitored. For outdoor parking or parking garage spaces, Pan/Tilt/Zoom, Thermal Imaging and License Plate Capture options are some of our most popular CCTV solutions.

If you are looking to upgrade your property’s overall security, speak to someone at Advanced Control to learn more about our cost-effective and customizable security automation solutions. We have built a solid reputation as the leaders in Florida for security and building automation systems.

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