Green Building Solutions

Green Building SolutionsIncrease your property’s sustainability with green building solutions from Advanced Control

Have you been contemplating turning your building into a “green” or “intelligent” building? Upgrading a structure into a more efficient and energy-saving facility is on the minds of many building owners. These upgrades not only save money but also can help your structure pass city regulations and codes to officially become a green property. And, with a variety of energy management and green building solutions from Advanced Control, designing and upgrading to your new intelligent building is simple and easy.

Through the installation of building automation systems, or a BAS, thousands of buildings across South Florida are becoming more cost efficient, effective and easier to operate. These comprehensive systems are becoming key players in how a company is run in today’s world. A BAS will help you manage, monitor and control every electrical and mechanical system throughout your property, all from the convenience of one centralized location. This not only allows for a simplified way to manage all areas of your structure, but also helps organize all system data into a unified area that can be easily accessed by your management or security team. Plus, if a particular system needs to be scheduled, managed or overridden and no one is available onsite, the BAS can be remotely accessed through an Internet connection and laptop or cell phone.

You may have questions regarding which interior and exterior areas a building automation system can control. For starters, imagine having greater control over your security, making your structure a safer place. From access control, elevator access and CCTV and recording solutions, all built to work with one another, your security team will be interacting with top-tier security solutions working to keep occupants safe. Another important area that a BAS can manage is your property’s air quality control and temperature. By keeping harmful fumes and gases out, and maintaining a comfortable interior temperature that can be easily managed depending on outside conditions, you can make occupants or visitors more comfortable. Studies show that more comfortable occupants translate into more productive occupants, which is a win-win for any commercial property.

Lighting, HVAC, life systems, and utility monitoring are other areas often controlled and managed when green building systems are installed. With buildings consuming over 40 percent of the world’s electricity, take a step forward in a positive direction by making your building more efficient while also lowering your costs. Numerous studies point out that an average commercial structure that installs a BAS can save up to 15 percent annually on operating and utility costs! Imagine the cost savings on your structure and how that money can be allocated for projects, savings and more.

In addition to helping you manage your structure, a BAS will also collect, analyze and archive data about each system within your property. This offers you real-time data on how efficient each system is operating in addition to giving you immediate notification if a system is malfunctioning or not operating at optimal efficiency.

Imagine better control, more comfortable occupants, a safer environment and incredible cost savings. All of this and more is possible when you implement Advanced Control’s green building solutions. Since 1987, Advanced Control, one of the premier green building companies, has helped countless clients install innovative building systems that have transformed their structure into a certified green property.

Contact Advanced Control today at 954-491-6660 and speak with a trusted team representative that can share which green building solutions would work best for your facility and structure type. We look forward to helping you save money while making a positive impact on the environment.