Energy Management Systems

Energy Management SystemsAchieve energy efficiency and lower overall costs with energy management systems from Advanced

Have you been wanting to implement a system that would help you run your building and company at optimal efficiency levels, lower your costs and even help you certify your structure as a “green” building? One way to do all of these things is by installing energy management systems or a Building Automation System (BAS) into your structure. These systems have helped countless building and business owners control and operate every system in their building in a cohesive and efficient manner. At Advanced Control Corp. we have worked with property owners who are looking to upgrade one building or a dozen buildings. By working closely with these clients and finding out what their specific needs are, we are able to design and implement an energy management system that works perfectly for their requirements.

In addition to monitoring, controlling and scheduling each system within your structure, an energy management system also allows you to analyze data from each system and archive this data. By having this control, you can get a better idea of where any inefficiencies may have occurred in the past and how your new system is now helping you reach optimal efficiency levels while also saving you money. In fact, studies show that the installation of an energy management system in a typical commercial structure can lower annual operating and utility costs by as much as 15 percent!

Your new energy management system will oversee every mechanical and electrical system within your property and allow each system to “speak” to each other through a centralized hub to ensure all systems are working in a cohesive manner. You and your personnel team can manage each system directly through this onsite hub or via a remote connection with a cell phone or laptop.

From ensuring proper air quality and temperature, to scheduling lighting, programming access control points and optimizing your structure’s security, an energy management system can manage any system you can think of. In addition, these systems are also scalable, meaning they will grow as your current structure and business grows. Depending on the complexity of your property’s needs, our skilled and experienced representatives will design an ideal building automation system that will immediately upgrade your structure while offering you a decrease in operating costs.

There is no better time to learn about the benefits an energy management system can offer your property. Offer your structure’s occupants a more secure and comfortable environment, control all systems at optimal levels, improve safety and security levels and turn your current structure into an “intelligent” building. All of this and more is possible when you partner with the leaders in building automation, Advanced Control Corporation. We have successfully joined forces with countless clients in Florida who own a variety of structure types, from commercial and industrial buildings to residential housing units and we look forward to working with you!

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