Security Automation Solutions

Security Automation SolutionsImprove overall safety with comprehensive security automation solutions

Many of today’s commercial buildings are considered open environments, where members of the public can enter freely, such as hospitals, malls, healthcare facilities, etc. While these types of commercial buildings are crucial to society in numerous ways, building owners should be aware of the potential risks and the need to protect themselves and the building’s occupants with proper security measures. Public buildings can be targets for criminal activity, making the need for security automation solutions great. A comprehensive security plan, including closed circuit security camera equipment and access control, can help improve the overall safety of your facility, both indoors and out.

Security systems for commercial buildings is a hot topic and one on the minds of many. Visitors of a building or facility want to know they are in a protected environment, and property owners want to know occupants, data and resources are safe.  Wide-ranging commercial building security automation solutions are available when you partner with Advanced Control Corporation, leaders in the industry. With a variety of options accessible, including access control systems, elevator access control, and closed circuit television and recording capabilities, an optimal security plan is easily in reach. Let’s expand on each one of these security options:

Access Control Systems. Regardless if your building is small, medium or large, access control is a vital part of a security plan. Whether you need to manage physical, logical or digital resources, an access control system allows you to allow or deny someone to enter into a specific area or be allowed to use a specific resource. Access control systems will also archive data, so you can keep a close eye on which building occupant is entering which area or using which resource.

Elevator Access Control. If you have a multi-tenant or mixed-use facility, you most likely have floors that contain areas not appropriate for occupants. With an elevator access control system added to your security plan, you can allow card holders access to these restricted areas. These systems control all of the elevators for every floor in your building and allow you to set specific floors accessible to each card holder.

Closed Circuit Television (CCTV). CCTV was originally designed to improve bank security and today is used in buildings across the world. The technology allows signals to transmit from video cameras to monitors at a specific location. Your security team would monitor these images for safety and security. CCTV will also allow you and your team to observe every area inside and outside of your building and is an ideal solution for industrial buildings which contain areas not suitable for humans that need to be monitored. Types of CCTV options include Network, Fixed Position, Pan/Tilt/Zoom, Thermal Imaging and License Plate Capture cameras.

No matter what type of building you own and operate, Advanced Control has a variety of security automation solutions that can meet your exact needs. We have successfully built a reputation in the integrated building solution industry over several decades thanks to our commitment to client service, use of latest technology, and by offering cost-effective and innovative solutions.

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