Intelligent Building Systems

Intelligent Building SystemsGo green with intelligent building systems from Advanced Control

A popular mission among many property and building owners is seeking out a way to transform a current building into a green or “intelligent” building. Through upgrades and the installation of intelligent building systems, older, inefficient buildings can become more productive, effective and pass certification tests to officially become a “green” structure.

If you have been curious to learn more about Building Automation Systems, here is a quick overview. Also known as Energy Management Systems or Building Management Systems, a BAS is constructed of a centrally located hub or control interface and an intricate interlinked system of networks that can control, monitor and manage every area inside or outside of your property. Common systems configured to a BAS are heating and cooling, lighting, security, access control, HVAC, and more. Through controlled scheduling, monitoring, archiving data, and long-term management of energy, buildings become more efficient, safer and operate at a lower cost.

Since 1987, Advanced Control Corporation has worked with thousands of clients to help them transform a wide variety of structures. Successful intelligent building automation system implementation has been completed on high-rises, hospitals, schools, industrial buildings and more. We offer innovative building systems and cost-effective energy management solutions to our clients, in addition to first-class customer service and a comprehensive list of system options.

In addition to helping your building transform into a “green” structure, a Building Automation System can also help you save money on operational and utility costs. An average commercial building will usually see a savings of 15 percent in costs, translating to a savings of up to $.40 per square foot. And savings is just one of many benefits. Having a building that operates more efficiently and safer can lead to happier occupants. Your newly transformed intelligent building will offer visitors more consistent temperatures, proper air quality levels, ideal lighting, optimal security options and more. Happier occupants lead to less complaints, and less time your security or management team has to spend tending to those complaints.

Begin your building’s transformation today by setting up an appointment to speak with an Advanced Control team representative. We can provide you with an onsite evaluation and complimentary system review, which will offer you a detailed analysis of all of your current systems and their efficiency levels. This detailed review will help both you and the team member decide on which type of energy management system is best for your structure and company type.

Imagine having the ability to control, manage and monitor every aspect of your building from one centralized onsite interface or remotely via your laptop or mobile. All of this and more is available with a Building Automation System from Advanced Control.

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