Building Management Systems

Building Management SystemsAchieve optimal efficiency and decrease costs with building management systems

Are you ready to run your company and building at optimal levels, improving efficiency, lowering costs and being able to certify as a “green” structure? If so, you are like many building owners and managers who are seeking ways to run every system in their building in a cohesive and easy manner. One way to do this is through the implementation of building management systems, or BAS (Building Automation System).

Whether you have one building or a dozen, a BAS can help you manage, control, and schedule each system, in addition to archive data. The building management system software allows every electrical and mechanical system within your structure to “speak” to one another through a centralized hub located within your facility. This hub allows you and your team to monitor each system through a simple to use graphic interface. And, for moments when you are not onsite but need access to this interface, you can connect remotely through an internet connection and your laptop, mobile or tablet.

Now that you know a little more on what building management systems can do, you may be curious what specific systems they can operate. From ensuring proper air quality and flow, to controlling temperature, monitoring access control points, powering lights, observing security systems, and more, every system in your structure can be managed by your fingertips thanks to the centralized hub and interconnected network.

When it comes to implementing a Building Automation System, the design and complexity can be as unique as your building. Our experienced team will come to your physical location to determine where your inefficiencies currently exist, and how a BAS can bring your structure up to optimal efficiency. In addition, our building management systems are scalable, meaning not only does the management system work with your current structure and setup, but it can also adjust to fit the future growth of your business.

While scalability is a major benefit of our systems, our clients also appreciate the fact that a BAS provides them assurance that that all operating systems in the building are “communicating” with all system networks and facility personnel. Plus, because smart building management systems can detect the slightest malfunction or inefficiency, your management or security team will know immediately when an issue is occurring. This can save you and your team a lot of time and money in the long run, when a major malfunction or breakdown may have taken place, possibly shutting down productivity.

Does a building management system sound like what your building needs? From increased energy efficiency and improved air quality to an increase in security and decrease in operating and maintenance costs, there is no better way to make your structure a “green” structure than with a BAS. Plus, with average savings around 15% per year on utility costs, and up to a 30% savings achieved just through scheduled controlling, there is no better time than the present to turn your building into an intelligent one.

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