Building Automation Solutions

Building Automation SolutionsImprove your building’s efficiency with building automation solutions

For many of us, when we step inside a residential, commercial or industrial building, we give little thought to the dozens of systems that are working in unison to make the structure comfortable and safe. From adequate lighting and proper air quality, to restricted, safe areas and comfortable temperatures, countless inner functionings within each building help it to operate at optimal levels. To ensure all of these systems and their technology works smoothly, there are typically Building Automation Solutions working behind the scenes.

A building automation system, or energy management system, controls, manages and monitors every system within a structure through a centralized hub that interlinks networks through hardware and software. These systems can help your building and its systems operate at optimal performance and ensure everything is running as efficiently as possible.

You may be wondering what exactly a building automation system or BAS can monitor. These systems can control everything from electrical and mechanical functions to security, access control, air conditioning and heating, air quality, life systems, elevator controls, temperature and more. Systems “speak” to one another by sharing information, which is accessible at the system’s centralized hub located onsite or remotely via your laptop, mobile or tablet. If you are offsite and need to update a system, make a change or schedule an action, all you need is an internet connection.

If you are considering installing a building automation solution into your property, remember these systems have been installed in thousands of structures such as schools, high-rise condominiums, hospitals, dormitories, commercial businesses, industrial buildings and more. At Advanced Control, we have worked with countless clients throughout South Florida with designing and outfitting their property with a building automation solution that is constructed specifically for their needs and type of business. Not only did these intelligent building systems help these clients control and monitor all areas inside and around their building, but they also helped reduce energy and operational costs. In fact, on an average commercial structure, a BAS can save an average of up to 15% in operational and utility costs!

Curious how else a building automation system can help your structure? Well, these systems will increase the comfort level of occupants and visitors through computerized controls that help maintain optimal air purity, lighting and temperature levels. And, more comfortable occupants can translate to more productive occupants and less complaints for your maintenance team to remedy.

Another benefit to a BAS is that it offers you real time information as well as detailed archives of all systems. These intricate systems will also notify you if an area of your building is experiencing problems, which will save you from having to hire someone offsite to come to your building and locate where the problem may be taking place. In addition, by knowing a problem is occurring quickly, you can save money in the end by taking care of the issue before it becomes severe.

Building owners can save incredible amounts of time and money plus have the ability to control and monitor each aspect within their building through a customized building automation solution. Let Advanced Control help your property reduce energy, save costs and work at optimal levels.

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