Green Building Companies

Green Building CompaniesGreen building companies can help you lower costs and improve building efficiency

A goal on the minds of many building owners and property managers is how can a building become a green or intelligent building. Whether this goal has stemmed from the aspiration for “green” certification, lowered operating costs or to benefit the environment, green building companies like Advanced Control Corporation can make it a reality.

You can achieve “green” status and increase and improve your building’s sustainability through the implementation of a building automation systems, or BAS from green building companies. These systems have a multitude of benefits, including:

  1. Making your building more efficient
  2. Improving indoor air quality
  3. Lowering maintenance and operational costs
  4. Increasing occupant productivity and comfort
  5. Improving security and life system features

First, let’s take a closer look at the efficiency aspects of a BAS. Through a series of sensors and controlled scheduling, your building’s systems can become more effective and efficient. Most buildings have equipment or systems that run incorrectly, are not on a scheduling program and/or run when not necessary or the building is not occupied. This translates into wasted money. A general estimate we like to share with our clients is that your building can achieve up to 30 percent in energy savings just by concentrating on scheduling.

Improving your building’s air quality is another main feature and benefit of a BAS. Sensors for temperature and humidity can help make your occupants more comfortable. Many studies show, comfortable occupants mean more productive occupants. In addition, sensors will also monitor CO2, CO, and pollutants in your building, as well as making sure there is enough fresh air getting through the ventilation systems. These life systems also help control and redirect smoke should a fire ever occur. This improves evacuation zones by redirecting breathable air into those areas so your occupants can get out of the building safely.

In addition, a Building Automation System can help control, manage and schedule green building companies’ systems such as lighting, HVAC, security, access control and more. All of these features lead to lowered operational and maintenance costs. Typical buildings can see a savings of up to 15 percent in costs, translating into a savings of up to $.40 per square foot.

At Advanced Control Corporation, we have built a solid reputation since 1987 as leaders in the green building industry in South Florida. Among building automation companies, Advanced Control is second to none. Let us partner with you and your company to help you lower costs, improve efficiency and turn your building into a green building. Someone from our skilled team will provide you with a complimentary evaluation, which can give you an up-to-date analysis of your current systems. This evaluation can help you decide which systems or areas in your building are causing any inefficiencies and increasing your costs.

Contact Advanced Control today at 954-491-6660 and let us take your building to the next level with our green building solutions.