Building Automation Systems Integration


Building Automation Systems IntegrationConnect all of your building’s systems with our Building Automation Systems Integration abilities


In recent years, more and more businesses are becoming interested in integrating the various systems within their building with the goal of increasing productivity, efficiency and safety and decreasing costs. At Advanced Control Corporation, our Building Automation Systems Integration options are helping countless buildings throughout Florida achieve their goals.

Our Building Automation Systems solutions, or BAS, have the ability to work with the existing systems and equipment currently in your building, from HVAC and lighting to temperature, security and more. By integrating all systems into one control interface, you have easier and quicker access to data, archives, control points, scheduling and more.

You may be wondering how a Building Automation System can take your building to the next level in terms of efficiency and productivity. Here are a few things to consider:

  1. Reduce stress – Imagine how much stress and extra work can be negated when you can control, manage and schedule each system in your building through simplified software. By having immediate access to every piece of equipment and system in your building, you can ensure every aspect of your building is performing at its best. In addition, you can activate energy-savings mode for days or times when your building or specific areas within it will not be occupied.
  2. Decrease cost – One major goal of companies and building owners is to decrease their costs. A BAS can make this happen. For typical buildings, a Building Automation Systems integration can save up to 15 percent on equipment operating costs. In terms of a standard building, this can be a savings of up to $.40 per square foot. In addition, a BAS can save you in other ways. For example, with a BAS monitoring the efficiency and operational status of each system in your building, you or your personnel team will be notified as soon as a problem arises within a system. This way, you can have the issue repaired before it becomes a major problem and a costly issue.
  3. Improve security – A Building Automation Systems integration can help improve your security and access control systems, in addition to putting security issues into various categories such as low, medium, high and urgent. Access control settings keep a data archive letting you know who accessed which area and when.

Imagine having immediate access and control abilities to every system inside and outside of your building. Through an interlinked network, all of your systems will connect to one main interface that is available onsite or remotely through a computer, tablet or mobile phone – as long as there is an internet connection. Have immediate access to access control settings, temperature systems, lighting, air quality and more with a newly installed BAS form Advanced.

If an intelligent and efficient building automation systems integration interests you, speak with one of our skilled team members today. Let us help your building and business function to its maximum capabilities, increasing efficiency, simplifying scheduling and management of systems and lowering costs.

Learn more about how a Building Automation System can take your building to the next level today by calling Advanced Control Corporation at 954-491-6660.