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What impression does your property’s parking lot or parking garage give to visitors, or even those with criminal activity in mind? Are proper security measures in place and are some of these measures visible to those who are on the property? Believe it or not, your parking lot/garage is a crucial area to keep secure when it comes to the safety and security of your entire building and property. Controlling lighting and surveillance systems around the clock is possible with Building Automation Systems.

Parking lots and garages can be a top spot for criminal activity, from assault to vandalism. To minimize this type of activity, first take a look at the appearance of your parking lot/garage area. Is it dirty, unkempt, have a poor layout or just look unsafe? If so, this could give not only a negative impression of your business to visitors but it can also make your property seem unsafe. In addition, a dirty parking lot/garage area that looks like maintenance has long been deferred could give those with ill intentions the impression that the area is not consistently maintained or under surveillance.

Several measures can be taken to not only enhance the look of your property’s parking lot/garage area, but can also improve the safety and security of the space. First, consider installing proper lighting that removes dark shadows and spaces. Take advantage of natural light, if possible and stay away from dark paint, as it absorbs light. While more lighting may be necessary, it doesn’t have to come with an increase in cost. Ask the experts at Advanced Control Corp about implementing a Building Automation System that can control lighting systems. These building automation solutions can actually help save you money, all while keeping your parking lot/garage more secure.

Next, consider enhancing your surveillance protocols. Recording devices, CCTV and access control are all security measures that can drastically improve the safety levels of your property’s parking lot/garage areas. In addition, just the presence of these security cameras can often ward off aggressors. Plus, they can be vital when documentation of a vehicle accident, assault or even a fall occurs onsite. Multiple CCTV camera options are available, depending on the specific needs of your property’s parking area. From Network and Fixed Position to Pan/Tilt/Zoom and Thermal Imaging cameras, there is a security solution to address any issue. In addition, license plate capture cameras are an added plus when you need to monitor each vehicle that enters your property. Cameras help eliminate dead spots in your parking area and allow your security personnel to continuously view all areas of your parking structure at once.

Often, parking garages and lots are not top priority when it comes to securing a facility but they are crucial. Imagine the costs involved if an incident were to occur and no security measures where in place; whether it is a negligence lawsuit or a tarnished company reputation because of a criminal assault, loss of business could result in serious monetary loss.

At Advanced Control Corporation, our expert team members have worked to help secure thousands of business properties across South Florida. From access control systems and CCTV to Building Automation Systems, there is an ideal security solution for your company.

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