Building automation system

Building Automation SystemImprove Efficiency and Lower Costs With a Building Automation System

Consider all of the components and systems within your building that help it operate. From sliding entrance doors and lighting to comfortable temperatures and accessibility, multiple systems must run at once in a cohesive manner. To ensure these systems are running at optimal efficiency, you may want to consider installing a building automation system. Also, known as a BAS, building automation systems are designed with numerous, interlinked networks of both hardware and software that help manage, monitor and archive data for every system in your facility. They help each aspect within your building run smoothly so visitors and inhabitants are safe, comfortable and provided with an environment that allows for productivity.

You may be wondering what types of systems an intelligent building automation system can control and monitor. Everything from controlling electrical and mechanical functions, to elevators, air quality levels, lighting, heating and air conditioning, security, access control systems, HVAC and more can be interlinked into your new building automation system. Once interlinked, your building automation system will provide data to help you determine how each system is operating, if there is any type of malfunction, is a system needs updating or revamping, etc. A Building automation system also offers you greater control over each system, which can lead to energy and money saved over time. Here’s how: using temperature as an example, a building automation system will allow you to set temperature control points, schedules and shut off alarms. During hours when the building or certain areas of the building aren’t occupied, a building automation system will adjust the temperature. If someone needs to make an unexpected entry into the building during non-peak hours, the temperature settings can be changed via a remote connection between your smart phone or laptop and the internet. The same can be said for the lighting inside your building. Often times, lighting is turned on in areas that are not occupied, for long stretches of time, adding to your utility costs. When it comes to saving money on utilities with a building automation system, the average savings is up to 15% of your annual costs. For many buildings, this is usually a savings of up to $.40 per square foot!

In addition to providing you with incredible savings, a building automation system can also make the occupants of your building happier. By having better control of air purity and quality, temperature and lighting, you can increase the comfort of your occupants. This can lead to less complaints and less time your maintenance team has to spend fixing any issues.

Having a better idea of how a building automation system works and what type of benefits it can provide, you may be wondering what types of buildings install one of these systems. We have successfully worked with countless clients across South Florida. From schools and hospitals to high-rise condominiums, commercial businesses and industrial facilities, the possibilities are endless. Once each system in your facility is connected through your new building automation system, you and your team will have access to it at all times through a centralized hub on your property and also through remote connections when you cannot be onsite.  You and your team will be given real-time displays and data regarding the equipment in your building, each system and its components. Your building automation system will also alert you should any one area begin experiencing issues. This usually allows for the issue to be repaired or corrected in the early stages, rather than you becoming aware of the issues when there is a complete malfunction.

Your building automation system can also help control, manage and archive data for areas outside of your building, such as parking garages. By connecting with CCTV and access control systems, you and your security team can have data regarding each entry into your garage or parking lot, plus control access regarding who can enter into which area. Building automation systems also provide safer environments by controlling life systems such as fire and smoke.

Save money and time by allowing a building automation solution to manage all of the inner workings of your facility through a main interface that also offers remote capabilities. When you partner with the leaders in building automation system, all of this and more is possible.

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