Closed Circuit Security Cameras

Closed Circuit Security CamerasWhy Hospitals need CCTV

Many people are unaware how critical security measures are when it comes to safety within healthcare facilities and hospitals. Because these areas are typically open environments and anyone is allowed to enter into an emergency room, they also become at risk areas and prime targets for criminal activity. Having closed circuit security cameras is a vital part of any commercial building security system, especially in hospitals. According to a 2012 Crime and Security Trends Survey, published by the International Association for Healthcare Security and Safety, 154 shootings took place within hospitals and healthcare facilities throughout the nation between 2000-2011. This same survey also stated that 98 percent of all healthcare facilities within America had experienced violent and criminal incidents.

The need for security systems for commercial buildings and CCTV is crucial when it comes to securing areas such as parking lots, pharmacies, cafeterias, gift shops, obstetrics, emergency rooms, and document storage areas.  Emergency rooms are often a place where many incidents occur as it is typically a high-stress area. People that are not in the best of shape are coming to these areas and they may be volatile. Combine that with having no insurance, or being turned away for some reason, and the possibility for an incident to occur increases.

Not only do closed circuit security camera options and security systems help protect employees, patients and a variety of areas within a hospital, but they can also help the facility attract and obtain quality employees. Take for instance the influence security systems can have on hiring much-needed nurses. With the current nursing shortage in America, nurses often have their pick of multiple employment opportunities. If he/she knows a shift ends late at night, equaling a walk through parking lot, it is typically the hospital with top-notch security measures in place that will be the final choice for employment. Proper security measures are just one of the many aspects that a nurse will factor into his or her decision.

For a multitude of reasons, more and more healthcare facilities are ramping up their security protocols. For example, Barnes Jewish Hospital in St. Louis has over 600 cameras and 1,500 secured doors in its facility. The goal with implementing enhanced security features is to provide a heightened level of security without making patients, employees and visitors feel like they have entered into a prison environment. There are multiple ways to do this, such as:

  1. Implementing CCTV and recording options – This technology allows for monitoring and recording of television images and is often used for surveillance. Cameras can include a variety of options such as Network, Fixed Position, Pan/Tilt/Zoom, Thermal Imaging, and License Plate Capture.
  2. Using Access Control features – Access Control systems allow you to deny or permit the use of a specific resource or area by a specified entity. This resource could be a location or room within the hospital, an entire level, or an area where documents or equipment are stored.

No matter the size of your hospital or healthcare facility, Advanced Control Corp has a variety of security automation solutions that will address the safety, security and comfort of the building’s occupants.

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