Summer Building Energy Saving Options

Summer Building Energy Saving OptionsAs a commercial building owner or manager, you are most likely always on the lookout for ways to conserve energy and reduce costs. During the summer months, utility costs tend to increase as your building’s cooling system must work harder to cool warm air. This is especially true for buildings that are located in South Florida. Systems that aren’t working as efficiently as they should be can cause a significant loss of cool air, causing the system to have to work harder and increasing your utility costs. Luckily there is a way to ensure all of your building’s systems are working properly and at maximum efficiency and have some of your utility or operating costs decrease. With the installation of a Building Automation System, you can have greater control over each area and system inside and outside of your building and decrease expenditures.

A Building Automation System, or BAS, is an interlinked network that controls, manages, and schedules each system within your building. A BAS also has the ability to archive data and alarm you and your staff when a system is not working properly. One system many companies like to tie into their BAS is their heating and cooling system. With a Building Automation System, you will be able to set specific temperatures for different areas of your building depending on which days or times you choose. There are also override options, in case the outside temperature fluctuates drastically or if you or other staff members need to come into the building during off-peak hours. By having greater control over what areas are being cooled off and for what designated time periods, you can see better efficiency of your system and lower costs. In fact, a typical 100,000 square foot building will usually see up to a 15% decrease in costs annually upon implementation of a BAS.

In addition to managing heating and cooling, a BAS can oversee your ventilation and air quality control systems. These systems are crucial to keep your building up to code and keep occupants inside safe. Proper ventilation and air quality practices must be taken to ensure odors and toxic fumes, in addition to CO2 levels, have not exceeded unsafe levels. For areas such as parking structures or service garages, CO2 and NO2 levels must be continuously measured for the safety and health of those entering these areas. Your new Building Automation System can effectively monitor for unsafe emissions, eliminate harmful gases, control garage exhaust fans when gases need to be eliminated and more. In terms of your indoor air quality, a BAS will not only keep occupants safe from harmful fumes or gases but will help to improve comfort of your guests and control humidity.

While a BAS can make your heating, cooling, and air quality control system operate more efficiently and save you money, the benefits of these systems do not stop there. Ask a skilled Advanced Control representative about implementing a BAS into your lighting, security, fire, and access control systems. In addition to having a centralized hub onsite to monitor each system, you can access your BAS remotely through an internet connection and your computer or mobile device. Running your building more efficiently is literally done at the push of a button.

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