Importance of Good Air Quality Control

Importance of Good Air Quality ControlNo matter what type of industry your building serves, proper air quality control should be a top priority. In order to keep the occupants of your building safe, you want to make sure the indoor air is free from contaminants, odors, toxic fumes, and dust among others. However, in order to have a healthy indoor air environment, your air quality control plan should be thoroughly planned out. So how can you improve the comfort and safety of your inhabitants and maintain proper air quality within your building? One possibility is by investing in a Building Automation System.

A Building Automation System, or BAS, is an intelligently designed interlinked network that controls, manages and oversees all of the systems within your building. A BAS can not only help you better control your indoor air quality and help your building run more efficiently, but may also save you money. Installing a BAS that runs your heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems will help you have better control of the intake of outside air, will help balance indoor C02 levels and will ensure proper ventilation is occurring.

Proper ventilation is important for multiple reasons; first, it will help reduce or eliminate odors within the structure. Second, it will control the interior humidity, making occupants more comfortable and potentially lowering complaints from visitors and employees. And third, proper ventilation will help ensure that your building is operating up to code.

In order to provide you with an efficient way to measure and control your indoor air quality control, our Building Automation Systems are designed using a network of specialty sensors. These sensors measure the intake of outside air and the current air quality of indoor spaces. Our systems can determine the ideal amount of outside air needed to make each indoor space safe and useable. In addition, the ventilation systems in your facility can be adjusted and reset using your main hub onsite or by logging in remotely through a laptop or mobile device.

In many commercial buildings, most of the inhabitant’s time is spent indoors. Installing a Building Automation System can help you not only increase the safety and comfort for those occupants but can also provide an extensive list of additional benefits. For example, if your facility, property or parking garage area is in need of upgrading security or recording capabilities, a BAS can help you manage, control and schedule CCTV and recording functions as well as set access control restrictions to specific areas. Other benefits include managing systems such as lighting and temperature, and life safety systems such as fire and smoke.

Being able to run your building more efficiently and save extra money is available to you today. In fact, in a typical 100,000 square foot building, a BAS can save on average up to 15% on operating costs! That is up to $.15 per square foot. Imagine how this money can be used in a variety of other areas.

Contact Advanced Control Corporation today at 954-491-6660 to learn more about Building Automaton Systems and how to ensure your building’s occupants are getting the best air quality possible. A BAS that delivers interior air free of fumes, odors, dust and more is available now and may cost less money for your facility than your current system.