How to Choose a Building Management System

How to Choose a Building Management SystemMore and more facility managers in need of increasing productivity while cutting costs and reserving resources are turning to the help of a Building Automation System. These intelligently designed systems make it easier to regulate every aspect of a building or property through a number of sophisticated interlinked networks. A typical Building Automation System, or BAS, is comprised of three main components including software, control modules and sensors. These elements work together to help facility managers and staff oversee and control a variety of systems such as HVAC, security, access control, lighting and more. Through the ease of a touch screen workstation, located in-house, or via access on a laptop or mobile phone, accessing, updating or controlling any area in your facility is simple.

In addition to helping reduce energy costs, BAS are also of interest to property owners and managers because of the system’s ability to help manage equipment maintenance, potentially reducing major system repair costs. You may be wondering how this is possible. With help from the BAS, managers can configure the network to trigger an alarm when a machine or system begins to malfunction or operate out of spec. The BAS trigger helps managers and other staff members notify proper maintenance personnel to an area that is not working correctly immediately, rather than only being aware of the problem once it has become a major issue.

Lowering energy and equipment costs is another major benefit of installing a Building Automation System. In fact, a typical average for lowering these costs for a standard 100,000 square foot building is up to 15%! Imagine saving up to $.15 per square foot in your current facility. When it comes to choosing the right Building Automation System for your building, keep a few things in mind. First, partner with an experienced company who has successfully worked with other businesses or manufacturers in your industry. Next, be sure the Building Automation System can help you achieve greater success and efficiency in these areas:

  • Improving the environment of the facility – Many BAS can help you manage and control critical systems such as temperature and lighting. Via control points, you can maintain specific cooling or heating temperatures during certain hours or days or the week. In addition, by having remote access capabilities, you are able to adjust these controls if an unexpected change in necessary. In addition, being able to properly control lighting is a major factor in reducing utility costs. Often times, lighting is being used in areas of the building that aren’t being occupied, wasting precious energy. Having the ability to temporarily turn off lighting in certain areas when not being occupied is a major benefit of a having a BAS installed.
  • Management of building operations – By having one main hub that visually displays real-time information about all of your building’s equipment, systems and components, you are able to simplify your building’s operations and make managing issues easier. A BAS can also alert you to any issues that may arise, saving you from having to hire a professional to come out and locate the issue.
  • Building security – One of the top concerns of many facility managers is keeping building occupants safe from fire, smoke, improper ventilation and security issues. With CCTV and recording capabilities, in addition to access control, you can revamp your security plan and increase its efficiency.

When you partner with Advanced Control Corporation, you have access to some of the most intelligently designed Building Automation Systems in the industry. Our staff can help you choose the proper BAS for your facility type, budget and needs. With remote capabilities and the ability to decrease costs while improving efficiency, isn’t now the time to consider installing a Building Automation System?

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