Healthcare Building Securities

Healthcare Building SecuritiesEvery healthcare facility needs a solid security management plan that should include preventative, protective and responsive measures. The need for hospitals and healthcare facilities to regularly update and revamp security plans is evident in a recent survey by the International Association for Healthcare Security & Safety (IAHSS), entitled “Crime and Security Trends Survey.” This survey shows that between 2004 -2010, hospital crime and violence doubled. Because healthcare facilities have higher security risks than many other types of facilities, it is imperative to have healthcare building securities options that keep patients, visitors, staff and assets safe. With care being provided twenty-four hours a day and hospitals being publicly accessible, security precautions must be taken. In addition, with a variety of drugs on site, measures such as access control are crucial. With so many aspects of a hospital needing to be secure, and to increase safety, many hospitals and healthcare facilities are implementing a Building Automation System or BAS.

A Building Automation System is a centralized network that controls, manages and archives data for multiple systems that are running simultaneously in your facility. A BAS will oversee systems such as lighting, temperature, HVAC, security, ventilation, access control and more. In addition to integrating all systems within your property, a BAS can also help your facility reduce energy consumption and decrease costs by helping systems run more efficiently and notifying management when an issue is detected. With a BAS, lighting, cooling and heating is more effectively managed meaning occupants are more comfortable, which can translate to less complaints. In addition, your maintenance team will be informed when even the smallest issue arises so problems can be solved or repaired before a major system breakdown occurs.

When it comes to safety and security, hospitals particularly like the access control features within the Building Automation System. Areas such as maternity, pediatric, ICU, pharmacy, and data/server rooms need an archiving and access/restriction system regarding staff and visitors. Elevators can also be integrated into the access control system, determining who is allowed on certain floors or restricted areas.

Integrating video surveillance, CCTV and recording equipment into a BAS is also crucial when it comes to maximizing safety and security at your healthcare facility. CCTV technology is privately transmitted to authorized monitors, allowing your security management team to keep a close eye on all areas inside and outside of a facility. From network and fixed position cameras to thermal imaging and license place capture cameras, the possibilities are endless for healthcare facilities that want to improve their security. In addition, facilities who integrate video surveillance services can choose to have their recording data stored off-site through the internet via the Cloud. By keeping this material off of onsite computer networks, the threat of damage, theft or tampering of data is removed.

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