Importance of a Smoke Evacuation System

Importance of a Smoke Evacuation SystemIf you want to invest in the safety of your building’s occupants and the integrity of your business and equipment, then it is time to consider installing a smoke evacuation system. Smoke evacuation systems are an integral part of the Building Automation Systems available from Advanced Control. Being able to effectively control smoke is crucial for everyone’s safety. Our smoke evacuation systems are designed with speed, safety, functionality and economics in mind. Working in conjunction with your Building Automation System, or BAS, your smoke evacuation system can slow down and/or prevent the movement of smoke into areas close to exits and other elected safe zones within your building.

Two methods used to manipulate smoke through these systems are fans and dampers, which control air pressure and movement of smoke. In addition to your smoke evacuation system, you can install a building fire suppression system as part of your BAS. This system has multiple benefits; it is vital for reducing heat produced by a fire, it can make your smoke management system more efficient, and will reduce actual destruction caused by the fire. Controlling both smoke and fire should be a top concern when it comes to properly protecting the inhabitants of your building. In order to effectively manage and monitor these systems and all aspects of your building, it may be time to consider installing a Building Automation System.

A BAS can be easily described as a centralized hub that will monitor, manage and respond to all of the inner workings and systems within your building. Some of these systems include the heating and cooling, lighting, ventilation, security, and access control among others. Because a BAS will continuously monitor the performance of these systems, your building will begin to run more efficiently. This could mean both cost saving opportunities and less hassles regarding maintenance and repair. These systems will also notify you when and if an issue arises. In addition, you have the option of resetting or scheduling any system’s controls through the main interface within your building or remotely via your cell phone or computer.

If you are curious about the benefits a BAS can offer you, consider the following. First, a BAS can save building owners sizeable amounts of money. Approximate annual savings in operational costs for equipment in a building that installs a BAS is 15 percent! That means a 100,000 square foot building can save $.15 per square foot in just equipment operation costs alone. Second, a BAS can lead to increased productivity due to increased occupant comfort. When temperature, ventilation and lighting are easily controlled and more efficient, occupant satisfaction increases. This can mean fewer complaints and less time spent fixing issues.

In addition to the above-mentioned benefits, safety is improved with a BAS through a network of CCTV solutions, access control systems, security options, and fire and smoke solutions. Ask an Advanced Control team member about installing a BAS with a state-of-the-art smoke control system. Save lives and reduce damage caused by smoke and fire. If your building is a high-rise, covered shopping mall or other structure that must meet fire codes and state laws, our BAS systems meet industry standards and state requirements.

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