Access Control System Options

Access Control System OptionsAs a building or business owner, safety and security should be a top priority. At Advanced Control Corporation, we understand how important this aspect of a building is and offer our clients a variety of options to help reduce risk and also prevent damage or loss to information or property. From protecting your IT data to reducing loss due to employee tampering or theft, our goal is to help  you implement an effective safety strategy that can protect your entire company/building and its inhabitants. One way we do this is by designing and installing a building automation system for our clients that contain multiple access control system options. Having an access control system is crucial to protect your digital and physical resources. These systems operate by giving someone access or denying them access to a specific resource or area in the building. Perhaps you have certain floors within your building that should only be accessed by several key employees – an access control system offers you the ability to make this possible in addition to keeping a log of who enters or exits the area. This same data log is available for those who access certain resources, such as IT data. Let’s take a closer look at some of the incredible access control system options you can take advantage of through Advanced Control:

Two Main Types of Access Control – Most access control systems focus on two types, logical and physical. Logical access can permit or limit someone’s availability to computer networks, data and system files. Physical access controls the access to buildings, rooms, floors and physical IT assets.

Multiple Identification Options – When you install an access control system as part of your building automation system, you will have numerous identification options for your employees. These range from password and PIN numbers to biometric scans, and electronic or physical key systems.

Various Access Options – When you begin researching which access control options you need, ask one of our skilled team members about the various access option available to you including mandatory access control, discretionary access, role-based access, rule-based access and more!

Access control systems fulfill a wide range of benefits and can be interlinked with additional systems such as CCTV, also offered through Advanced Control. All of these systems will be part of your Building Automation System or BAS. If you are unfamiliar with a BAS, they can easily be defined as a centralized network of integrated hardware and software that monitors and controls multiple environments of your building. These environments can range from lighting and heating to security and recording equipment. In addition to managing your heating, ventilation, fire, flood, security and other vital systems, a BAS also has the capability of detecting even the slightest inefficiency or technical issue within the network. If detected, the system will alert the building’s management or owner and will describe where the defect is occurring.

These systems all work together in unison and not only provide a more comfortable environment for your occupants, but also a safer environment. In addition, they can save you money. In fact, on average, a BAS can reduce annual operating costs by as much as 15 percent!

Ensure the security of your occupants, IT data and physical equipment with the installation of an access control system from Advanced Control. We have successfully been serving our South Florida clients for over 30 years and look forward to evaluating your building’s needs.

Contact Advanced Control today at 954-491-6660 to learn more about the access control system options that are available to you. Let us help you simplify your building’s processes, save you money, and protect your vital resources.