Video Surveillance Security Options

Video Surveillance Security OptionsDid you know you can improve the overall health of your business by implementing a solid security plan? With a variety of video surveillance security options from Advanced Control, you can rest assured that your equipment, employees, and data are as secure as possible. If your company currently has an inadequate security plan in place or is lacking recording capabilities, you are leaving your entire operation at risk for vandalism, a data-breach and potential liability issues. Create a safer environment through the installation of video surveillance security and CCTV options.

At Advanced Control Corp., our skilled team members work directly with you and the needs of your company in order to design a tailored video surveillance and management system. By installing a series of high-tech surveillance cameras and recording equipment, you and your security team will have immediate access to every area of your building, inside and outside. This not only monitors the safety of employees and visitors, but keeps an eye on your equipment and data, in addition to helping you observe productivity levels. Here are several video surveillance and CCTV options we can offer your company:

VSaaS – VSaaS, also known as Video Surveillance as a Service, is a newer form of video management that is being implemented by companies of all sizes in order to improve their security. With this system, your video surveillance will be managed off-site via the internet, and all data is stored in the Cloud. By removing data from on-site networks, you immediately lessen the possibility of damage, tampering and theft. Each recording made on this system is archived and identified, in addition to being watermarked with a camera name and time stamp so you can easily access it in the future. Archiving allows you to pick specific cameras or a set of cameras you want to search, or allows you to narrow down your search to an exact date or time.

Proper video surveillance systems are crucial for a business to run efficiently and safely. It is a vital tool in terms of loss prevention, allows you to observe all areas of your operation to monitor productivity, and protects your business interests, data and equipment. In addition, it helps protects those in and around your building. Best of all, real-time, streaming video can be monitored through one main interface or via remote access at any time.

VSaaS can also help your business save money. First, by utilizing VSaaS, you can immediately cut down the amount of information that is stored on company computers and workstations. In addition, our systems use secure internet access to monitor videos, removing the need for additional specific viewing software. Last, by storing data in the Cloud, you eliminate the threat of water or fire damage to vital information. These are just a few of the benefits of a VSaaS from Advanced Control. Depending on your specific industry and business type, our team members can share additional benefits and options that would work for your specific needs.

CCTV – In addition to VSaaS, we also offer our clients a wide range of CCTV recording solutions. Footage gained from CCTV devices is legally admissible, should you need the footage at a later time. At Advanced Control, we offer CCTV solutions through thermal imaging, fixed, license plate capture cameras and much more, in addition to a variety of hybrid video recording options.

If you are ready to improve the health of your business through the implementation of a solid video surveillance and recording system, call us today. Our team will analyze your property’s security needs and design an affordable and efficient solution.

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