Parking Garage Security Options

Parking Garage Security OptionsAffordable and effective parking garage security is available with Advanced Control!


There are several effective parking garage security options that can be utilized to generate ample security protection around your property. Investing in this type of security is just as important as investing in any other facet of your business. While Advanced Control Corporation offers unsurpassed affordability when it comes to the products and services we offer, the expense incurred to beef up your parking garage security is justified when you consider how drastically you will be reducing your liability, protecting your assets, and increasing overall safety by reducing crime.


Advanced Control works only with elite manufacturers who produce the most cutting edge products that include state of the art technology. This provides Advanced Control  with sophisticated capabilities, which allow us to provide our customers with integral security services. Here are several options you may want to consider when seeking to improve security around your property or business:


  • CCTVClosed Circuit Television is an operative tool that uses video cameras to transmit a signal to limited, authorized monitors for viewing. Beyond the benefits of monitoring, simply the presence of security cameras are often enough to ward off criminals, and also sends a message to people who are using your facilities that their safety is a priority to building management.


  • Access ControlCreate the ability to permit or deny access to your parking garage. This effective tool provides a system for checking for authorized presence, typically by using either an access control panel or a reader, and allowing access once a credential has been presented, whether in the form of a pin code, access card, key fob, or other select method. Once the credential is presented to a reader, it is sent to a control panel, which grants or denies access and sends information to a database. Often, in the environment of a parking garage, the access control point is usually a type of physical barrier that is electronically controlled, such as a barrier lift arm gate, slide gate, or swing gate. Access Control systems offer the most selective restriction of access, and are one of the most affordable and convenient security systems available.


  • VSaaSVideo Surveillance as a Service. This new technology is quickly growing in popularity, as it manages and stores video off site through the Internet and computer networks. This protects and preserves the data more effectively, while freeing up space on company computers. VSaaS allows you to schedule timed and periodic recordings, and provides easy and efficient recall of specific recorded time periods, images or events that you wish to view footage of. VSaaS technology increases visibility and control with remote access to video at multiple locations with event history. Real time streaming video may also be observed remotely at any time, from any location with Internet access. Video surveillance offers many cost effective benefits, and is an effective tool that can catch a crime in progress, document a vehicle accident, assault, or even a slip and fall incident, providing valuable footage of these events.

To learn more about effective parking garage security options using the latest technology, call Advanced Control at (954) 491 – 6660. Speak with one of our knowledgeable security experts who look forward to assisting you in maximizing the security in and around your business.