Office Building Automation System Solutions

Office Building Automation System SolutionsPerhaps you have been considering a building automation system for your office, but want to learn more about the benefits and advantages it can provide. For starters, a building automation system is ideal for anyone seeking to integrate all of their building’s different systems into one unified system that is monitored and managed from one simple interface.  If you are an office building owner or operational manager seeking to unify all of the systems that keep your building running, then a building automation system might be the right choice for you. A building automation system works by combining all systems into one single structure, offering you critical control over all operations in the building. This computerized hub manages the systems that deal with heating, cooling, ventilation, security, lighting, access control, fire, flood, elevators, surveillance and more.

Whatever systems are operating inside or outside of your office, a building automation system from Advanced Control can help you reduce costs, increase your security, provide better energy efficiency, increase response time and more. Let’s take a closer look at some of the benefits your office can receive when you install a building automation system:

  • Lower Your Utility Bill – Installing a building automation system can save you on average up to 15 percent off your annual operating costs. In terms of square footage, savings can run anywhere from $.25 to $.40 per square foot.
  • Increased Temperature Control – Whether you have a commercial or industrial space, controlling temperature is crucial. Many buildings are not efficient in this area, as heating or cooling continues to run even in areas that are not occupied. With a building automation system, you can reduce your energy costs by monitoring individual areas for proper temperatures in addition to setting control points for specific floors or locations. And, with access to your building automation system from a smartphone, laptop or tablet, you can adjust temperature settings even when you are not on the premises. This feature is ideal for occasions when the building will be used during off peak hours, or the outside temperature drastically fluctuates.
  • CCTV and Access Control – A building automation system will help you properly manage all areas outside and inside of your property. Access control systems lets you regulate who is granted permission to access certain areas and floors. CCTV helps your security team monitor, record and archive what is occurring inside or outside of your building from one centralized interface.
  • Monitor Life Safety Systems – Looking for an easy way to monitor and manage life safety systems such as smoke, fire, flood, security and surveillance? If so, a building automation system can do all of this and more.
  • Increase Occupant Satisfaction and Comfort – Provide optimal comfort levels to those inside of your building with properly managed air purity, lighting, temperature and more. Remember, more comfortable occupants could mean greater work output and fewer complaints.

A building automation system for your office will not only enhance the efficiency and performance of a building but can also keep employees and occupants safe and content. Today’s building automation system technology will ensure each mechanical and electrical system within your office is functioning smoothly. Through an intricate, interlinked network, each system works together and shares information, which is processed through the centralized hub. As long as you have an internet connection, you and your security management team can access this hub and implement changes accordingly.

Lower your utility bills, reduce energy and increase office efficiency with a building automation system from Advanced Control. We want to help you make your building run as smoothly as it possibly can, in addition to making it safer.

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