Intelligent Building Management System

Intelligent Building Management SystemIncrease safety and efficiency while reducing costs with a Building Automation System

Imagine if all of the systems in your building worked together to improve the efficiency of operation and safety and comfort of its occupants, all while reducing energy consumption and operating costs. All of this and more is possibly with an intelligent building management system from Advanced Control. These systems, also known as Building Automation Systems (BAS) can help you better monitor and control the mechanical, fire, flood, lightning, HVAC, security and ventilation aspects within your building.

Often times, we overlook all of the inner functionings of a building that we use on a regular basis. From proper lighting and temperature to elevator access, security systems, and adequate ventilation, many systems work at once to keep occupants and equipment safe. Unfortunately, many buildings use older, inefficient systems to manage these aspects, which can be quite costly. For example, think about the current utility costs to operate your building. Now, consider the areas that are heated, cooled or lit while not occupied. In terms of utility expenditure, a BAS can save you approximately 15% on average regarding annual costs. This can come out to anywhere from $.25 to $.40 per square foot!

No matter what type of building you operate, you can take advantage of multiple benefits when you install an intelligent building management system. Advanced Control has worked with countless commercial and industrial facilities, government buildings, condominiums, medical centers and more. Our BAS will ensure the efficient operation of your building and all of the interlinked components within it. Here are just a few benefits a building automation system can offer:

  • Temperature Management – Being able to control proper temperatures for occupants and equipment is crucial for both industrial and commercial space. Our systems can help you not only reduce your costs, but individually maintain different areas on your property. You will also have the option of setting up control points. These control points will help you maintain specific temperatures during certain hours of the day and times of the week. This is an ideal solution for periods of time when the building is not occupied and does not need to be running at full capacity. By scheduling these control points, you will see a decrease in utility costs.


  • Lighting Control – Lighting is on par with temperature. While you need to ensure proper lighting when the building is occupied, and also for outside areas such as parking garages, there are times when certain areas do not need to be lit. For example, if you know specific levels or areas within your building are not going to be in use during specific hours/days, your set control points can minimize usage, reducing your costs. In addition, you have remote access from your laptop or mobile device in case you need to adjust a lighting or temperature control point.


  • Increase Safety – One way to increase safety for both your occupants and equipment is by installing CCTV and Access Control systems within your intelligent building management system. With our CCTV products, you and/or your security team will be able to monitor all areas inside and outside of your building, including parking lots, garages, etc. Access Control offers you the ability to restrict access to certain floors or areas within your facility. Again, all of this can be monitored and controlled from one easy-to-use interface or via remote access.


These are just some of the many benefits an intelligent building management system can offer you. Being able to reduce your energy and utility costs, in addition to making sure your property is running as smoothly and safely as possible is available right now.

We have been a preferred partner to South Florida’s businesses since 1987, providing our clients with cost effective solutions such as design, installation and ongoing support of building automation systems.

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