Building Automation and Control Systems Basics

Building Automation and Control Systems BasicsBuilding Automation Systems are defined as centralized networks of integrated software and hardware that control and monitor the technical environments inside of commercial, industrial, and institutional facilities, such as shopping malls, hospitals, government buildings, and condominium high rises, to name just a few.


A building automation system is a computerized hub that manages the components that supply a structure’s heating, ventilation, lighting, fire, flood, and other vital systems, which play a role in keeping the building fully functional. Through the monitoring of a structure’s systems, the building automation system ensures the efficient operation of the building, and the harmonious processes of interlinked components within it, reducing wasted energy and resources, and lowering operating costs for the building.


The building automation system also has the capability of detecting any inefficiencies or technical issues within the network, and will alert the building’s management or owner upon recognition of any functional defect or failure within a system component. Building automation systems are able to detect where a failure is taking place within a network, so that the issue is recognized, responded to, and resolved promptly, resulting in reduced repair and maintenance costs, and interruption to the building’s operations.


In addition to saving money associated with energy costs, a proficiently designed and installed building automation system will provide the following benefits:


  • Maintains a controlled comfort level for a building’s occupants, resulting in increased productivity and greater satisfaction.
  • Ensures the safety of a building’s occupants.
  • Fortifies the value of the structure, as a building automation system works with the goal of creating “intelligent buildings” – structures that run cost effectively and efficiently to reduce their carbon footprint on the environment.


Advanced Control Corporation has been South Florida’s preferred partner in building automation and control systems since 1987, providing cost effective solutions that include the design, installation and ongoing support of our clients’ building automation systems.

We use industry knowledge and experience to help clients identify the economic practicality of incorporating or upgrading a building automation system, with the ability to accurately predict the certain impact it will have. Our building automation systems are the most innovative, and enable authorized access to building information from anywhere in the building, or outside of it through the use of a web browser or wireless mobile device. Through our own proprietary software, VAO, we can convert your building’s tracked data into information you can use, so that you can take advantage of opportunities to streamline any inefficiency, and reduce operating costs over time. Our software will extract data from your building automation system and show you where you can find hidden costs and optimize operational performance.

Serving South Florida for almost 30 years, Advanced Control Corporation offers superior knowledge and expertise that our clients have come to depend on to expertly handle their system designs, installations, upgrades and replacements, and to help them manage and maintain their existing control systems.

Advanced Control Corporation will provide you with a free system evaluation as a courtesy when you contact us. This includes an onsite evaluation of your building’s current systems, to identify your building’s deficiencies and determine its needs.

Call us today at (954)-866-1139 to learn more about the products and services provided by Advanced Control and about how a customized installation of a building automation system can simplify the your building’s processes, making it more cost effective, environmentally friendly, and safe.