Why You Should Install a Building Automation System

Why You Should Install a Building Automation SystemIf you have been searching for a way to increase your productivity, conserve resources, reduce costs and have complete control over your facility, a Building Automation System may be what you’ve been looking for. Managing every aspect of your facility has never been easier. With Advanced Control’s Building Automation Systems, a sophisticated number of networks are interlinked to help you control and monitor multiple environments of your commercial or industrial facility or building. In addition to helping you control and monitor different areas at one time, these systems also ensure your building’s inhabitants are comfortable and safe at all times. So many systems are functioning simultaneously in today’s high-tech commercial buildings, and it is important to be able to monitor and control these areas easily and quickly. With a Building Automation System, you are in complete control of your facility thanks to a touch-screen workstation located in-house, or through accessing your system via your smartphone, laptop or PDA. It truly is that easy. Here are several additional reasons why you should install a Building Automation System into your facility:

  • See a Reduction in Utility Costs – Installing one of our systems will give you full control regarding your building’s lighting and temperature scheduling. Program lights to be on or off at certain times, and to be turned off when there are no inhabitants in certain areas of the building. With temperature control, you can schedule air conditioning or heating to be turned on shortly before the facility opens, etc. A significant change in utility costs will be seen as these two areas are kept under tighter control.
  • Reduce Inhabitant Complaints – When your facility becomes more comfortable, you will receive less complaints, which equals less time resolving issues. In addition, happier and comfortable inhabitants can mean increased productivity.
  • Increase and Improve Security – How would you like to be able to monitor all areas of your building and have the ability to record footage? All of that and more is possible with a Building Automation System. With CCTV and recording options, you can monitor who enters and leaves your facility or parking garage, have license plate capture capabilities, thermal imaging solutions and more.
  • Have Access Control Solutions – When you install a system with access control features, you not only have the ability to determine who enters your building, but you can also control access to certain floors and areas during different times of the day. In addition, the system will provide you with a full history of access data for each area, floor, etc. You will also be able to give certain individuals access through the main interface or remotely (as long as you have an internet connection).
  • Improve Safety – With multiple life safety system options, you can rest assured that dangerous situations will be properly contained and the occupants of your building will be kept safe. Fire, safety, smoke, security, surveillance features and more are interlinked through sophisticated networks and are controllable from one place.
  • Simplify Facility Operations – Through a variety of computerized controls and real-time, touch screen graphic displays, you can see exactly what is happening with all of the equipment and systems in your facility. This saves you time and money from having to personally inspect certain areas or send an outside technician to determine what the problem is.
  • Decrease Your Maintenance Costs – By having better control over your equipment, scheduling certain systems to run less, and reducing wear-and-tear, you can extend the life of your equipment and keep your maintenance costs down.

Imagine monitoring and controlling your facility from one area, in addition to reducing costs and increasing productivity. Advanced Control has provided intelligent building management solutions for thousands of buildings and facilities since 1987. Let our expert team help you design a Building Automation System for your facility that not only offers viable solutions for today, but can also be adjusted for your business growth in the future.

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