Save Money on Your South Florida Commercial Building

Save Money on Your South Florida Commercial BuildingIf you are the owner of a South Florida commercial building, than you are most likely on a continual search of how to save operating costs and make your building run as efficiently and smoothly as possible. Energy costs and how to minimize them are perhaps one of your biggest concerns. And, with energy costs making up a major percentage of commercial building operational costs, you are concentrating your money saving efforts in the right place. According to recent survey data from the U.S. Energy Information Administration, lighting, heating and cooling, and ventilation account for over 60 percent of a commercial building’s electricity use. In addition, up to 40 percent of an average commercial building space is unoccupied at any given time, yet the lighting, cooling, etc. continue to stay on, costing the owner unnecessary money.

As a building owner, you’re thinking there has to be a smarter option and you are correct. Saving money on your South Florida commercial building is simple through the help of an intelligent building system. Advanced Control’s Building Automation Systems (BAS) integrate all of your facility’s electrical, mechanical, and security systems in one place through a multitude of sophisticated networks. With a new BAS installed, days of wasting energy and valuable resources will be long gone, giving you an opportunity to save money or spend that money on a more important area of your business.

By using our intelligent building systems with expertly designed energy management solutions, you can reduce your building’s energy usage by as much as 30 percent! First, our team can design an ideal lighting solutions system that will give you complete control over the scheduling and dimming of lights, plus time and zone sensors that can turn on and off lights when an area becomes occupied/unoccupied. Your custom lighting control system can also be linked to outdoor areas such as walkways, parking lots, and parking garages in addition to indoor areas of the building such as cubicles, offices, stairways and more.

Next, we can help you save money when it comes to cooling your commercial building thanks to intricately designed automation systems that help control temperature. With control points put into place, your system will make sure specific temperatures are maintained during hours you dictate. In addition, you have complete control over changing these settings via the main interface or your smartphone/laptop – all you need is an internet connection. With this simple to use temperature control system, it is easy to adjust temperatures to unexpected arrivals to your building or extreme outside weather conditions. Considering how much money is spent on air conditioning during hot Florida seasons, wouldn’t it be nice to not have your systems working hard to cool off an area in your facility that is not even occupied? With our Building Automation System, you can rest assured that your cooling system is operating only when and where it needs to.

Another way to help you save money on your South Florida commercial building is through our access control and security systems. Access control systems help you restrict access to designated areas and floors of your facility. Perhaps you have expensive equipment or overhead that is worth thousands of dollars. Keep employees or visitors who do not have access to these areas away from expensive overhead through card readers, scanners and more. In addition, our systems will generate a full data report listing who had access to which areas at specific times.

Aside from the above-mentioned systems, Advanced Control also has life safety, HVAC, and air quality control systems that can help you save money on your South Florida commercial building. Let an expert from our team analyze your existing space and help you determine which BAS is right for your facility.

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