Complete Security Automation Solutions Installation

Complete Security Automation Solutions InstallationIf you own and/or manage a single commercial building or multiple sites, you have put countless hours of energy and preparation into the functionality and efficiency of your property. In order to protect all of the work you have completed within your building, it is crucial that the property is appropriately secured. This is where a security automation solution comes into play. Today’s world is run digitally and technology should be a top safety concern in terms of hackers and other ill-intended people who want to compromise your data. Physical theft of equipment, data and overhead, either by employees or visitors, is another security concern to be aware of. And, keeping those who are inhabiting your building safe should also be a main consideration.

Advanced Control can help you implement the proper security measures your building needs such as access control systems, closed circuit television (CCTV), recording solutions, data access logs and more. No matter the industry you serve, number of properties and the size of your building(s), our building security automation systems can help you decrease risk to your data and information, in addition to physical loss or damage to your property or equipment.

Scalable and designed by our expert team to meet the unique needs of your building, here are a few of our most sought after security automation solutions:


  1. 1. Access Control Systems – Access control systems are ideal for buildings that need to limit or permit the use of specific areas, floors or outside zones. Our systems provide flexible ways to manage physical or digital resources with complete accuracy. In addition, these systems provide instant reports on which areas have been accessed at what times and by whom. And, permitting or denying access has never been easier – simply use the main interface or log in remotely via a smartphone or tablet, all you need is an internet connection!


  1. 2. Elevator Access Control – Whether your building houses a company or is a multi-level living facility, is it understandable that certain floors must be designated as limited access. Elevator lobbies and elevators need to be secured and properly managed in order to protect the inhabitants and physical property within the structure. With our elevator access control systems, we can help you limit transient traffic and implement controls for each elevator and floor in your building. In addition, each card holder can have specific accessible floors programmed into his or her card.


  1. 3. CCTV Closed circuit television technology sends signals from video cameras to monitors located in a specific area. This technology allows your team to monitor, manage and record footage for a variety of reasons. CCTV can be used for any area within a building, in addition to outside walkways, parking lots and parking garages. Recorded footage can also be used for legal purposes, should it be needed. Having your property under video surveillance may help deter theft or those with ill-intentions from entering your premises. In addition, our systems offer thermal imaging cameras, license plate capture cameras and more. CCTV is also an ideal option for areas in your building that may contain an environment not suitable for humans to enter, allowing you to continuously monitor the area without having to physically subject yourself to it.


At Advanced Control, we have helped thousands of South Florida building owners and managers implement the right security solutions for their property’s needs. Keep your inhabitants and equipment safe and secure with the help of access control, CCTV, video surveillance, intrusion detection and more. Our security automation systems are easy to use and accessible from your main interface or remotely, offering you complete flexibility without sacrificing control over your property.


Contact Advanced Control today at 954-866-1139 and let an expert from our team analyze the safety and security of your building and help you build a security automation system that surpasses your expectations!