Benefits of Closed Circuit Television Recording Solutions

Benefits of Closed Circuit Television Recording SolutionsDoes your commercial building have the correct security options installed to keep its occupants, visitors and equipment safe? Although business owners understandably look to keep costs down in certain areas, building security and recording options is not an area that should be minimized or forgotten about. Having inadequate security or recording capabilities leaves your building, occupants and equipment at the risk for vandalism, ill-intended behavior and can potentially put you at risk for liability issues. If you are the owner of a commercial property in South Florida, let Advanced Control’s affordable and high-tech CCTV and recording equipment protect your building properly.

Creating a safer environment for your building and its occupants is easy when you install proper security solutions. With a CCTV security solution in place, you have the ability to see every area of your facility in real time. Advanced Control has a variety of systems available that are simple and can be operated remotely, if needed. Our experts work directly with you and/or your security team to design a video management system that is tailored to the needs of your unique facility. Through a series of cameras and equipment solutions, you and your team will have the ability to:

  • Use Pan/Tilt/Zoom Cameras – With these cameras, you can see up-and-down, side-to-side, and also zoom in to areas that need to be viewed closely. These cameras can literally eliminate any blind spots in your facility and/or parking garage area.
  • Take Advantage of Fixed Camera Positions – These cameras will be mounted on various walls and ceilings in telescopic mounts. The swivel heads are adjustable and these cameras offer clear views of larger sections of your building and/or garage.
  • Use License Plate Capture Capabilities – These high-tech cameras use optical character recognition and can read license plate numbers in order to identify every vehicle that enters the premises.
  • Use Thermal Imaging Cameras – These cameras detect temperature differences and can be installed to monitor inside or outside areas.

In addition to cameras allowing you to view and continually monitor every area of your property, you will also need the ability to record in order to have the best security system possible. Our CCTV recorders will record, display, monitor and also organize all of the footage and images taken from your cameras. This gives you permanent recordings of everything that occurs in and around your building, and is legally admissible should you need the footage later. At Advanced Control, we offer multiple CCTV recording options, including Network Video Recording (NVR), Digital Video Recording (DVR) and Hybrid Video Recording solutions.

While state-of-the-art security solutions may seem out of your budget, Advanced Control makes it affordable in addition to offering the highest levels of efficiency. CCTV and recording systems can be one of the best investments for your building, as it creates accountability, improves the safety of your inhabitants, and helps to reduce financial loss for your business.

In addition to the CCTV and recording solutions mentioned above, Advanced Control also offers VSaaS, known as Video Surveillance as a Service. This is an ideal recording security solution for business owners who want their video surveillance managed offsite, with all data stored in the Cloud. Having this data stored off-site can halt any damage, theft or tampering of data. Recording can be scheduled for specific times, cameras, areas and more. And, each recording is stamped with a camera name and time, making the review and documenting process simple and quick.

Video surveillance, monitoring and recording will improve the health of any business. Helpful in loss prevention, it also increases safety, can help with liability issues and helps business owners monitor the productivity of their business. Let our expert team analyze the security needs of your property and business, and design an affordable and effective security solution.

Contact Advanced Control today at 954—866-1142 to install your customized security system and ensure the safety of your property and its inhabitants!