How Smart Are Intelligent Buildings?

How Smart Are Intelligent BuildingsThe term “intelligent buildings” is often used in discussions of modern commercial buildings, but if you pressed those speaking to answer the question, “How smart are intelligent buildings?” few could give you a definitive answer.  The best response we can give is that intelligent buildings are extremely smart… and getting smarter all the time. Intelligent buildings use automation solutions that integrate their mechanical, electrical, and security control systems, leveraging information from occupancy sensors and other hardware and software components to create a highly responsive and energy-efficient environment. With the development of the Internet and web-based automation solutions, intelligent buildings got a whole lot smarter, able to provide enhanced environment and security controls that can be remotely monitored and adjusted from anywhere in the world using a smartphone or PDA.  As new advances in information technology vastly increase the data sharing and processing capabilities of modern buildings, the capabilities of intelligent buildings will continue to expand, creating buildings that are more responsive, energy-efficient, and cost-effective than ever before.

The first mention of intelligent buildings appeared almost thirty years ago, when the term was applied to any building that had some type of automated process or system in place. These early intelligent buildings had automation systems that would be considered quite rudimentary by modern standards, as they could only control a single system and were incapable of communicating with or receiving information from any other systems. For example, lighting control could be applied on a set schedule, but there was no way to take into account occupancy information. In modern intelligent buildings, occupancy sensors such as motion sensors, access card readers, and passive RFID scanners register when a building area is unoccupied and cues lighting control to turn off the lights and air conditioning or heat until someone reenters the area. Tenants can use smartphones and tablets to adjust HVAC controls remotely, so the desired temperature is reached by the time they arrive at the building.

Intelligent buildings’ capabilities have been greatly expanded by the development of web and cloud-based technologies, which allow buildings to be integrated across an IP (Internet Protocol) network.  Using web-based intelligent building solutions, owners are currently able to monitor and control all of the integrated control systems in their buildings in real-time over a web browser; in the very near future  cloud-based apps are  expected to shift  control of intelligent buildings entirely from facility-based interfaces to mobile solutions.

Intelligent buildings are now able to take advantage of superior energy monitoring and analytics services.  Advanced Control Corporation leverages intelligent building technology to the fullest with our advanced analytics engine, which uses artificial intelligence to process building data and expand the capabilities of intelligent buildings. Our software continuously monitors and diagnoses facility performance to identify equipment and system faults, inefficiencies, and system degradation with recommendations for improvement. Using intelligent building analytics, we can convert a building’s data into actionable intelligence, so users can identify and prioritize cost-saving opportunities and mechanical system inefficiencies while targeting maintenance efforts that will reduce the operating costs of the building over time.

Advanced Control Corporation is at the forefront of the emerging intelligent building technology used in today’s advanced buildings, and has been the industry leader in energy management and building automation solutions in South Florida since 1987. Whether you are managing a portfolio of buildings, or are seeking small building solutions, our experienced technicians can create a custom, web-based intelligent building control solution for your facility that incorporates building automation, energy management, access control, and CCTV technology, allowing you to control and monitor your building from anywhere in the world.

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