Building Automated Systems & Services

Building Automated Systems & ServicesManaging operations at a modern commercial building is no simple task; with the increasingly complex network of systems that are present in even the smallest commercial buildings, owners really need a robust building automation system and dedicated monitoring services if they want their building to function at its best. As an industry leader in building automated systems & services since 1987, Advanced Control Corporation has the experience and expertise to provide the exact solution necessary to ensure the most efficient operation of your facility. Our cost-effective building management solutions are customized to meet your particular needs, with a full complement of software and energy management services for buildings of every size. Our services range from initial building automation system design, to the training of personnel in the proper management of the program, as well as expert energy management services from trained operations personnel who will provide ongoing maintenance and routine checks to ensure your system delivers optimum performance for years to come.

As a first step in managing your facility’s operations, Advanced Control will perform a detailed evaluation of your existing building automation system. We can evaluate the economic feasibility renovating your building automation system, with advice on system upgrades and replacements, and assess the costs and impact of installing a completely new building automation system. At Advanced Control, we go beyond simply advising on the implementation of building systems; once you decide how you want to proceed, we will renovate and update your existing automated control system or draw on our wide experience of installing BACnet and LonTalk systems, as well as web-accessible and internet-based solutions, to install a new building control system for your facility.

Once your building automation system is up and active, Advanced Control can provide you with training and personnel to ensure you get the full benefit of all of its features. We can thoroughly train your personnel in the proper management of your energy management program and instruct them in the administration of routine checks to monitor your system’s performance. With our user-friendly, energy conservation project implementation and building analytics to help, your company will soon become self-sufficient and proactive at identifying potential problems and applying appropriate solutions.

If your company does not have sufficient personnel to facilitate and monitor your building automation system, Advanced Control can provide you with operations personnel on a shared or as-needed basis. You will have access to our full roster of skilled personnel, so you can choose the specific services you need:

  • Energy Manager
    Advanced Control can help you implement all phases of the energy management process, from training your personnel to operate and maintain your energy management services to providing routine checkup services to review your program’s effectiveness along with necessary adjustments to ensure it stays current with your energy needs. As technology advances and you upgrade your system, we will provide full support to ensure all new technologies are correctly implemented and properly maintained.
  • Operations Personnel
    We can provide your company with fully trained operations personnel who are well-versed in the full range of building management services, from energy implementation to security. Our knowledgeable professionals can instruct you in applying building analytics to achieve effective, cost-controlled building operation and maintenance.
  • Monitoring & Operational Support
    Advanced Control provides full operational support so you can monitor and maintain every aspect of your building automation system, including HVAC, lighting control, air quality control, utility and energy usage. Our personnel can also provide complete security system monitoring.
  • Energy Conservation Project Implementation
    We will assist you in the design and management of all facets of your company’s energy conservation projects and assist you with implementation.

Turn to Advanced Control Corporation for all your building automation needs, from system design and implementation through monitoring and maintenance. You can count on our trained personnel to provide the expert monitoring and maintenance services you need to achieve the highest level of energy efficiency from your building management system.

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