Building Automation Technology Improves Energy Efficiency

Building Automation Technology Improves Energy EfficiencyModern commercial buildings require ever more complicated and advanced electrical systems for their daily operations, which has caused buildings’ energy usage to rise dramatically in recent years. With increased energy usage comes correspondingly higher energy costs; in fact, energy costs have risen so steeply that they are now commercial building owners’ single largest operating expense. In office buildings, the bulk of that energy usage is expended maintaining the environmental controls of the facility. According to data provided by the U.S. Energy Information Administration, the cooling, lighting, and ventilation systems account for as much as 62 percent of electricity use in office buildings. Building automation technology provides commercial building owners with a way to curb their escalating energy costs; by integrating the electrical, mechanical, and security systems in a facility, a building automation system is able to leverage occupancy information to reduce energy waste and improve the energy efficiency of these structures by a significant amount.

Advanced Control Corporation specializes in installing building automation systems that improve the efficiency of buildings’ operations and reduce energy waste while still maintaining the high level of comfort that commercial tenants require. Our building automation technology improves energy efficiency in facilities using a multi-phase approach. First, it monitors how the mechanical, electrical, and security systems in the building use energy; then our building automation technology employs energy management techniques to ensure all of the building’s systems operate in the most energy efficient manner possible. Lastly, our building automation technology reduces the amount of energy that is wasted in the building’s operations, provides energy monitoring tools to help you gauge the performance of your building, and enacts energy management solutions that increase performance by lowering unnecessary expenditures of energy.

In the average commercial building, 30% to 40% of the structure is unoccupied at any given time, but the environmental controls remain on with the lighting, heating, and/or cooling systems needlessly burning energy. Building automation systems can employ occupancy and motion sensors that register when an area becomes unoccupied, then turn off the lights and shut off the HVAC system in that region. Time and zone controls can be used with scheduling features to turn off lights, heating, and cooling in areas of your building that are unoccupied at regularly scheduled times. If your tenants ever need to go into the office during scheduled downtimes, they can access an Automatic Tenant HVAC Override System via their tablet or smartphone that will remotely override the preset schedule and turn the HVAC on so it achieves the desired temperature set point by the time the tenant reaches the building. By eliminating wasted energy use in unoccupied areas of your commercial building, you can reduce your building’s energy use by as much as 30%!

The building automation technology Advanced Control Corporation employs to improve the energy efficiency of your commercial building can also increase your building’s security and create a more comfortable and responsive work environment for your tenants. Whether you need small building energy management or an energy management solution suitable for the largest multi-building facility, our expert energy management specialists will create the customized energy conservation solution that is ideal for your particular facility.

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