Automated Logic: Building Automation Systems

Automated Logic: Building Automation SystemsBuilding automation systems are an essential component of modern commercial buildings, used to integrate the HVAC, mechanical, lighting, security, safety, and other control systems in buildings so they can share information and work together as a single cohesive unit. Today’s building control systems are required to provide more advanced services than ever before: they have to balance the need to increase the energy-efficiency of buildings with the imperative to maintain comfortable working environments for residents, without compromising their ability to adjust to rapid changes and adapt to future needs. Advanced Control Corporation is able to achieve all these goals using Automated Logic’s advanced WebCTRL building automation system. Automated Logic has been designing their easy-to-use building automation systems for more than three decades, specializing in advanced software systems that ensure occupant comfort while providing the highest possible energy efficiency. Their latest generation of building automation systems includes innovative web-based technology that allows owners to control and monitor their energy usage from anywhere in the world.

WebCTRL, Automated Logic’s premier web-based building automation solution, offers an intuitive user interface and powerful control features that allow users to access their controls using a laptop, tablet, or smartphone. Access is achieved through the most commonly used browsers, (IE, Firefox, Chrome, and Safari) using Automated Logic’s graphical user interface, which obviates the need for add-on software or additional protocols. Adaptable and completely customizable, this innovative interface incorporates data from various resources, including the web. Using intuitive animations and dynamic color building automation graphics, the interface displays scheduling information and building control system conditions in a clear and easily understood format, so users can gain an immediate understanding of building conditions so they can undertake corrective actions as needed.

One of the largest challenges building automation solutions face is the need to communicate with existing components, many of which use proprietary protocols. Automated Logic’s WebCTRL building automation system features an open architecture that allows it to integrate with third party mechanical and electrical building subsystems easily. WebCTRL uses BACnet, an open ASHRAE/ANSI/ISO standard that provides the opportunity for building automation systems to interoperate with one another, as well as Modbus, N2, JBUS, and LonWorks, and an extensive list of proprietary protocols, to interconnect seamlessly to existing equipment over an IP, ARCNET, MS/TP, or Point to Point (PTP) network segment. This interconnectivity allows WebCTRL to successfully bridge past, present, and future needs with backward compatibility and compliance with open standards.

Building automation systems manage the use of HVAC, lighting systems, and other resources, to increase the energy efficiency of facilities. While energy efficiency and reduced energy costs are an essential function of building automation systems, these systems need to balance energy savings with the need to maintain the comfort of residents. Automated Logic building automation systems’ WebCTRL provides two unique tools, Environmental Index and EnergyReports, that help achieve this delicate balance. Environmental Index measures of workplace or classroom comfort while EnergyReports leverages WebCTRL’s extensive trending capabilities to track and analyze building performance. Used together, these proprietary tools provide direct, side-by-side comparisons and assessments of energy use and comfort, allowing users to find and maintain the best balance for their facility.

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