Choosing a Building Automation Company

Choosing a Building Automation CompanyAs a property manager or building owner, you have the responsibility of choosing a building automation company for your facility. This is not a decision you can make lightly, as your choice will have a direct impact on the day to day operations of your building, the financial wellbeing of your company, and the security of your building and its occupants. Early building automation systems were easily mastered, but the advent of intelligent building technology and developments in information technology have expanded the capabilities of modern building automation systems, making them more complex and difficult to implement correctly. The building automation company you select will need to be conversant with the latest information systems and energy management techniques, and fluent in a wide range of controls and systems.

When selecting a building automation company, you should look for a company that utilizes the latest technology to provide complete building automation control services. Choosing a building automation company is not just a matter of finding a competent installer; instead, you need to find a building automation company that provides comprehensive building automation services and support, from the initial design concept throughout the installation process and ongoing system maintenance. Look for a building automation company that provides comprehensive solutions that include:

  • Innovative Building Automation Systems
    Insist on a building automation company that installs innovative integrated system solutions that provide controls and monitoring for a variety of building automation services, including advanced energy management, air quality control, HVAC and lighting systems, power monitoring, and security. Complete security automation services should be included, encompassing building access and elevator access control, as well as CCTV and video recording surveillance services.
  • Cost-Effective Energy Management
    The ideal building automation company will provide cost-effective energy management services using easy-to-navigate software that will enable accurate measurement of your power usage in real time. Access should be through simple graphical user interfaces that allow you to access and monitor all of your building management systems – from lighting to heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC), wirelessly from any remote location.
  • Expert System Integration
    The best building automation companies provide automation solutions that work in tandem with the latest open protocol standards while providing seamless integration with any existing installed base of legacy systems.
  • Quality Implementation of Building Management Systems
    Choose a building automation company that has expertise integrating multiple building system disciplines, and is experienced at installing BACnet and LonTalk systems, as well as web-accessible and internet-based building automation solutions.  
  • Comprehensive Service Solutions
    To ensure all of your building control needs are met, you should search for a company that provides comprehensive building management services. A complete service provider will offer planned repair and maintenance services as well as energy management personnel and training services.

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