GUI for Building Automation Systems

GUI FOR BUILDING AUTOMATION SYSTEMSHave you found the interface of some building automation systems difficult to operate, with input methods that feel clunky, clumsy, and counter-intuitive? There is a very good reason for this: operators have differing methods of working and interacting with technology, which makes building systems that rely on a single static input system impractical and inefficient. Advanced Control Corporation has kept this concern uppermost in our minds while designing out building automation solutions. Instead of burdening our clients with inefficient “cookie cutter” interfaces that force them to conform to someone else’s method of input , our automation experts create building automation solutions that are custom tailored to each location’s specific building and business needs, with unique graphical user interfaces that are personalized to match each customers’ individual preferences to enable effortless, intuitive operation.

The graphical user interfaces implemented by Advanced Control are ingeniously designed to allow users to interact with their environment through various electronic devices intuitively. Instead of requiring operators to adjust to an established navigation system, the intuitive navigation of our graphical user interface revolutionizes the way operators interact with their building automation solutions by including a flow that actually incorporates the user’s feedback. The system is designed to expand to meet your changing needs, with system graphics that can be integrated to incorporate other system platforms and other programs.

Our GUI for Building Automation Systems are a scalable solution, readily accommodating multiple users. The interface will adjust to each user individually, providing all users with their own individualized, customized screen accessible via password protection. Multiple users are allowed at any one time, with various levels of access controlled via individual password. Access to the interface may be via a computer workstation, laptop, PDA’s, phones and even the internet, according to the individual preference of the user.

In addition to standard building automation system functions, Advanced Control’s graphical user interface can also be integrated to security and CCTV functions. Easily incorporating data from various resources, including the web, our agile interface uses intuitive animations that are custom designed to incorporate your individual color schemes. Our dynamic color building automation graphics are adaptable to various conditions such as occupied, unoccupied, alarm, etc., and can accommodate various building environments including laboratories, pharmaceuticals, healthcare, office complex, colleges and universities, and many more. The robust capabilities of our proven software platform include backwards compatibility with older systems, which allows it to work well in both new and existing systems.

Advanced Control also offers web-based graphic interface solutions, with custom-designed graphics that can include full motion animation that creates a user-friendly experience, enabling you to maintain the automated environment with ease from anywhere in the world with access to the internet. Our web-based solutions provide open integration that allows seamless interfaces over a wide array of web-based platforms, so you can effortlessly interact and control DVRs, live video feeds, and other IP-enabled devices from your remote location. Advanced Control’s web-based building automation graphics allow you to instantly view the graphics, trends chart and alarm system status from any location with just a quick glance at your smartphone, tablet, or other mobile device.

Are you ready to experience effortless and intuitive operation of your building automation solution with one of Advanced Control’s graphical user interfaces? The benefits of installing our graphical user interface are apparent: by providing customized animations designed with the user’s feedback, our interface allows users to interact with their environment intuitively, improving workflow and reducing response time to cause your entire building to operate more efficiently and effectively.

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