Complete Building Automation Control Services

Complete Building Automation Control ServicesWe are all aware of the many advantages that building automation systems offer, including reduced energy usage and costs, enhanced security, and a more comfortable building environment, among others. The proper functioning of a building automation system requires a certain amount monitoring and maintenance, however, which can leave owners of smaller facilities with a problem: where can you find skilled, trained professionals that you can entrust with your building’s functioning and security, since you do not have enough work to justify the expense of hiring a full-time employee? Advanced Control Corporation’s Building Automation Control Services are the solution. We provide comprehensive energy management services, including monitoring and operational support, and energy conservation project implementation. We appreciate the specific needs of all our clients – from large to mid-size and small companies, and can provide these services on a shared or as-needed basis when necessary.

From HVAC and lighting systems to video surveillance and the management of remote sites, Advanced Control’s personnel provide complete building automation control services for companies of every size. We are there every step of the way, with energy management services from the development stage through the implementation of the program. For larger companies, we can provide the training of personnel in the proper management of your energy management program and the performance of routine checks to make sure the program is working to its maximum potential. We enable user-friendly, energy conservation project implementation that will make your company self-sufficient and proactive in identifying and monitoring your building’s energy consumption levels.

For our clients with smaller facilities, Advanced Control will devise a cost-effective managed service solution that is tailored to your individual needs, providing only the specific services you require. Our expert energy management specialists will help you formulate the best plan for your business and ensure that plan is implemented properly for maximum results. Available services include:

  • Energy Manager
    Advanced Control will work with you through all phases of the energy management process, provide training for your personnel and instruct them in how to operate and maintain your energy management services. We will also provide periodic, routine checkups to review the effectiveness of the program and adjust it to stay current with your energy needs. As technology advances, Advanced Control will provide support as systems are upgraded to stay current, ensuring that new technologies are correctly implemented and well maintained.
  • Operations Personnel
    We can provide your company with knowledgeable operations personnel who have had training across a wide range of building management services, from energy implementation to security. Using building analytics and good common sense, our trained professionals can advise and instruct you in effective, cost-controlled building operation and maintenance.
  • Monitoring & Operational Support
    Advanced Control provides operational support to help you with all facets of building automation system management:

    • HVAC – Temperature set point adjustments, schedule changes, and individual HVAC unit control, and HVAC optimization
    • Lighting Control – Scheduling, energy usage, and automatic tenant override services
    • Air Quality Control – CO Monitoring for Parking Garages
    • Utility and Energy Usage
    • Security – Elevator monitoring, CCTV and video surveillance system monitoring
  • Energy Conservation Project Implementation
    We use our expertise in the field of building analytics and systems management to help create an energy conservation project plan and assist you with implementation

You can count on Advanced Control Corporation to meet all your building automation, energy management, and security system personnel needs, including Video Surveillance as a Service (VSAAS). We are your complete building automation system providers, from initial installation to ongoing support including planned maintenance services and monitoring.

Contact Advanced Control at 954-491-6660 for complete building automation control services for every sized building and facility!