Building Ventilation Control Installation

Building Ventilation Control InstallationEffective ventilation control has become a critical concern for today’s commercial building owners, as the drive for greater energy efficiency has resulted in modern commercial buildings that are better insulated and as air tight as possible. While this sealed environment may seem to create a safer air environment for inhabitants, the reverse is actually true. Commercial buildings are typically heavily occupied, which creates high CO2 levels; when combined with volatile organic compounds from the out-gassing of carpeting, paint, and plastics used in the construction and furnishing of commercial spaces, the result is dangerously poor air quality levels that can significantly impair the health of the buildings’ occupants. In commercial buildings that include indoor parking garages, CO2 and NO2 gasses can further compromise air quality. Installing an effective ventilation control system allows building owners to control and monitor intake of outside air so they can reduce dangerous gases and CO2 levels to create a healthier indoor air environment.

Commercial building ventilation control installation options range from simple, stand-alone systems for indoor garages to complete, integrated building automation control systems that include air quality control monitoring devices, demand control ventilation, smoke evacuation systems, HVAC temperature control, humidity monitoring, and more. Each ventilation control option has a role to play in creating a healthy building environment; building owners should consult with an experienced air quality control expert who can perform an air quality assessment and determine which ventilation control options are necessary for the wellbeing of their building’s occupants. The most widely used ventilation options include:

  • Demand Control Ventilation for Commercial Buildings
    One essential ventilation option for most modern commercial buildings is demand control ventilation, as it allows owners to control the intake of outside air to reduce the levels of CO2 that accumulate within the building. Using specialty sensors, demand control ventilation systems can determine the optimal amount of outside air that each indoor space requires, controlling outdoor air intake to adjust inhabitant comfort levels accordingly. Ventilation can also be adjusted to reduce odors and control humidity to provide a healthy, comfortable indoor work environment.
  • Parking Garage Ventilation for Commercial Buildings
    Unless proper ventilation options in place, toxic gases including CO2 and NO2 can travel from an indoor parking garage through ductwork, elevator shafts, and stairwells to compromise the air quality throughout an entire commercial building. An effective parking garage air quality control and monitoring system can alert facility personnel when these gases are approaching dangerous concentration levels. The ventilation control system then activates garage exhaust fans at the correct speed to remove the gases. Various parking garage ventilation system installation options are available, including hard-wired and wireless systems, which can be installed as stand-alone elements or as a component of a fully integrated system.
  • Indoor Air Ventilation Control for Commercial Buildings
    Using the HVAC system components of a building automation system, an efficient indoor air quality control system can achieve healthy, high quality indoor air. It does this by adjusting ventilation to eliminate unwanted odors, control humidity, and prevent the formation of toxic mold, while ensuring intake amounts of outdoor air are sufficient to meet regulatory requirements.

Advanced Control Corporation provides technologically advanced air quality and ventilation control installation for commercial buildings throughout South Florida. Our technicians offer a full range of ventilation installation options, including a stand-alone ventilation system and a complete building automation solution that incorporates energy management, ventilation control, access control, and CCTV technology to give you complete control of your building’s operations.

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