Fort Lauderdale Commercial Building Garage Security Options

Fort Lauderdale Commercial Building Garage Security OptionsDoes your Fort Lauderdale commercial building garage have all the security options it needs to provide effective protection? The high visibility of lobby and building security systems serves as a reminder to building owners that these systems need to be replaced or upgraded on a regular basis, but the security systems in garages can sometimes be overlooked, particularly when building owners are striving to keep operating costs to a minimum. This shortsighted approach can prove quite costly, however, if it leaves your building’s occupants vulnerable to vandalism, theft, and other undesirable behavior, thus opening you to a significant liability exposure. Advanced Control Corporation can provide you with a number of garage security options for your Fort Lauderdale commercial building that will create a safer environment for your building, your tenants, and yourself.

Advanced Control’s complete building garage security solution consists of a closed circuit television (CCTV) surveillance system with cameras and a recorder, a building access control system with readers and cards, and an elevator access control system. These security options work at their best when controlled by a building automation system that integrates them so they can share information. While installing Advanced Control’s complete garage security solution will provide the best protection, you can install the various security system options as stand-alone systems and integrate them at a later time. Each of Advanced Control’s Fort Lauderdale commercial building garage security options has an important role to play in ensuring the safety of your building premises and occupants:

Fort Lauderdale CCTV Surveillance Solutions
With one of Advanced Control’s CCTV surveillance solutions in place, a single guard can monitor your entire garage. To give a clear view of every area of the garage, you will need a mixture of cameras:

  • Fixed Position Cameras – Mounted on walls or ceilings in telescopic mounts with adjustable swivel heads, these cameras can provide clear views of large sections of your garage
  • Pan/Tilt/Zoom Cameras – Your security guard manipulate these cameras to view up-and-down, side-to-side, and even zoom in for a closer look, virtually eliminating blind spots in your garage
  • Thermal Imaging Cameras – By detecting temperature differences, thermal imaging cameras can help your guard monitor outside or unlit areas
  • License Plate Capture Cameras – Employing optical character recognition, these cameras can read license plate numbers to identify every vehicle that enters and exits your garage

A CCTV recorder will record, display, monitor and organize the images from your CCTV cameras, giving you a legally admissible, permanent record of everything that occurs in your garage. Advanced Control offers several CCTV recording solution options; you can choose a digital video recorder (DVR), network video recorder (NVR), or a hybrid video recording solution.

Fort Lauderdale Access Control Solutions
Advanced Control’s access control solution allows you to control entry into your building from the garage. We can install card readers at the entry points to your building; tenants have to use cards to gain access to the building interior. If your building has a multi-level garage, your garage security solution can include elevator access control. This combination can provide the greatest degree of security, as tenant access can be controlled so they only have entry to the garage and their particular floor. If visitors will be using your building’s garage, you can provide a single point of entry to the building, controlled by a guard.

For more than 20 years, Advanced Control Corporation has been providing complete security solutions for Fort Lauderdale commercial buildings and garages that incorporate access control, elevator access control, DVR recording technology, and CCTV cameras to create safe, secure building environments.

Contact Advanced Control today at 954-491-6660 to have our experts install a customized garage security solution for your Fort Lauderdale building that will ensure your tenants enjoy a safe, secure building environment!