Boca Raton Andover Continuum Software

Boca Raton Andover Continuum SoftwareWhile all commercial building owners face the need to provide their tenants with buildings that are comfortable, safe, and energy-efficient, security issues and the year-round hot and humid environment in South Florida make these issues more imperative for Boca Raton building owners. To meet these increased demands, Boca Raton building owners need building automation systems that can adapt to many rapid changes, while creating building environments that are more comfortable, more efficient, and far more secure than they were in the past. Advanced Control Corporation has the ideal building automation solution for these beleaguered owners; our powerful Andover Continuum building automation system, uniquely built from the ground up as a joint climate control and security system, uses coordinated control strategies to provide a solution for the enhanced performance needs of Boca Raton buildings.

The Andover Continuum product line seems almost custom-designed to meet Boca Raton building owners’ needs, as it provides integrated climate control and security systems designed with an emphasis on scalability, flexibility, and programmability to meet the increased demands of today’s facilities. Andover uses the same programming language for its HVAC and security applications, making coordinated system strategies both simple and intuitive to implement. There is no duplication of hardware or wiring, as there is in automation solutions that use separate systems, so the coordinated systems are able to operate with maximum efficiency.

Climate control in Boca Raton requires more than just achieving the right temperature. To combat our oppressive South Florida environment effectively, Boca Raton building automation systems must constantly maintain the correct humidity and pressure, as well as the proper air exchange. Through its tight integration of the various control systems in the building, including chillers, air handlers, and demand control ventilation systems, Andover Continuum software is able to achieve the highest level of indoor air quality. To enhance the ability of your building management system so it can provide exceptional Boca Raton air quality control, Advanced Control offers a full line of Continuum temperature, humidity, CO2, and pressure sensors.

Many Boca Raton building owners face difficulties as they try to integrate multiple systems from different companies. They need a comprehensive integrated solution that can work in tandem with the latest open protocol standards, while providing full compatibility with any installed base of legacy systems, which use a wide variety of proprietary protocols. For these building owners, Andover Continuum software is the ideal solution to integrate their facilities, as it is natively loaded with open protocol support to work with many other vendors’ products and information systems. Andover Continuum software employs BACnet, an open ASHRAE/ANSI/ISO standard that provides the opportunity for building automation systems to interoperate with one another. This interoperability makes Andover Continuum software well suited for use in both new and existing  buildings.

Meeting the challenges you face as a Boca Raton commercial building owner is easy when you partner with Advanced Control Corporation. As the leading Boca Raton Andover Continuum software specialist, Advanced Control Corporation has provided open integration building solutions for thousands of buildings of all sizes. Taking full advantage of the scalable and adaptable nature of Andover Continuum software, Advanced Control can configure it for use in any size Boca Raton installation, whether you need a single facility system, a control solution to integrate several buildings in different locations, or a Boca Raton small building solution.

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