Tilt vs. Fixed Security Camera Installation South Florida

South Florida Tilt vs. Fixed Security Camera InstallationAs a South Florida building owner, you face the challenge of finding a way to protect your building and premises while staying within strict budgetary guidelines. Closed circuit television technology (CCTV) from Advanced Control Corporation provides the solution, allowing you to monitor and protect every part of your facility without the expense of hiring guards or a security company. Choosing Advanced Control to install closed circuit television technology at your facility is an easy decision, as we provide the most effective and cost-efficient way to protect your building and occupants from the threat of theft, vandalism, and fraudulent liability claims. Our security experts will help you understand the various issues and choices you face when installing a new security system, such as  Tilt vs. Fixed Security Camera Installation South Florida: which security cameras are the best fit for your facility?

The main differences between tilt and fixed position security cameras are the area that they can monitor and their ability to move. Fixed position security cameras are mounted in a fixed position and are able to perform surveillance only in the direction they are facing. Fixed position surveillance cameras are able to operate without the need for an operator or regular monitoring, by connecting them to a digital video recorder which can be viewed after any relevant incident. The fixed position cameras that Advanced Control uses are rugged and durable, featuring swivel heads and telescopic mounts with adjustable swivel heads that can be mounted on walls or placed in ceiling mounts in indoor or outdoor locations. Attractive and affordable, fixed position cameras are available in a variety of camera values and offer a wide selection of styles, finishes, and colors to suit every décor .

Tilt cameras, also known as pan/tilt/zoom or PTZ cameras, offer a significant security advantage over fixed mount cameras because they are capable of remote directional and zoom control. System operators can operate PTZ cameras with a joystick, adjusting the focus and direction to capture events from multiple angles and perspectives, allowing them to survey a wide range of territory at once. You can also program your PTZ cameras to execute a user defined watch tour, for hands-free operation. PTZ security cameras offer a large range of motion – you can move your view up-and-down and side-to-side, allowing you to see the entire front and sides of your building with just a single camera!

The South Florida security automation solutions that Advanced Control installs use a variety of cameras to provide complete coverage that will fully protect your facility. In addition to PTZ and fixed position cameras, Advanced Control also installs network (IP) cameras, which send and receive information over the Internet; thermal imaging cameras that register infrared energy / heat signatures; and license plate capture cameras with Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR). Whether you are building a new facility or renovating an existing structure, the security experts at Advanced Control can create the ideal security automation solution to suit your specific security needs.

Whether you need a complete security system for a Delray Beach building or you are interested in a Fixed Security Camera Installation South Florida, Advanced Control Corporation has you covered. We have been performing South Florida security system installation and maintenance for more than 20 years, providing complete building security solutions that incorporate access control, elevator access control, DVR recording technology, and CCTV cameras to create safe, secure building environments.

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